Mug Rug Madness - The Who What & Why of Mug Rugs

Mug Rug Madness - Mug Rug 101

I just LOVE Mug Rugs. Sure ... they are nothing more than a simple little quilt in an adorable teensy size, but sometimes you just need a small and easy project to get finished quickly, ya know? Plus, I've found that they make great gifts - because who can't use a little extra potholder / cup holder / snack mat / Diet Coke rest on their desk or nightstand?

I've held two Mug Rug Madness events on my blog - in March 2011 I held the original Mug Rug Madness Event and then in September 2011 I held Mug Rug Madness Holiday Edition. For both events I gathered up some of my awesome sewing friends to give you new & original tutorials on all sorts of Mug Rugs ranging from simple & quick to some using more advanced techniques. I also myself wrote some informative posts on the WHO WHAT and WHY of Mug Rugs - Why you'd want to sew one and even what the heck they are!


WHAT is a Mug Rug Anyways?

the WHEN of Mug Rugs

Photo gallery of simple Mug Rugs


Tutorial #1 - Nova's "time for tea" double sided Mug Rug

Tutorial #2 - Angela's Bright Selvage Mug Rug

Tutorial #3 - Meg's Adorable Cottage Mug Rug

Tutorial #4 - Jeni's scrappy stacked Mug Rug

Tutorial #5 - Heather's hexagon Mug Rug

Tutorial #6 - Andrea's spring kite Mug Rug

Tutorial #7 - Amanda's traditional star Mug Rug

Tutorial #8 - Penny's under the umbrella Mug Rug

Tutorial #9 - Terri's scrappy color block Mug Rug

Tutorial #10 - Jen's space invaders Snack Mat

Tutorial #11 - Darci's wonky starburst Mug Rug

Tutorial #12 - Leigh's Plus Sign Mug Rug

Tutorial #13 - Kati's Hexagon Shaped starry Mug Rug Tutorial

Tutorial #14 - Sara's Hexagon Log Cabin Mug Rug Tutorial

Tutorial #15 - Darci's Tree Mug Rug Tutorial

Mug Rug Madness

Mug Rug Madness Round 2 : holiday edition!

Join in the fun on Flickr, too! There's a Mug Rug madness Flickr group here for pictures of all the awesome Mug Rugs you've made! Whether for a swap, yourself, a gift ... made with any of the tutorials featured here or by your own design, we want to see them!


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