Mug Rug Madness Holiday Edition

Mug Rug Madness Round 2 : holiday edition!

I just LOVE Mug Rugs. Sure ... they are nothing more than a simple little quilt in an adorable teensy size, but sometimes you just need a small and easy project to get finished quickly, ya know? Plus, I've found that they make great gifts - because who can't use a little extra potholder / cup holder / snack mat / Diet Coke rest on their desk or nightstand?

You can find ALL the Mug Rug Madness Holiday Edition tutorials and posts in one central location now - on this main Mug Rug Madness page.

Mug Rug Madness - Mug Rug 101


Mug Rug Madness Holiday Edition was sponsored by the fun people at Fat Quarter Shop

Find Fat Quarter Shop on the web at their shop and blog, at their Facebook page, and connecting on Twitter.

Join in the fun on Flickr, too!

There's a Mug Rug madness Flickr group here for pictures of all the awesome Mug Rugs you've made! Whether for a swap, yourself, a gift ... made with any of the tutorials featured here or by your own design, we want to see them!


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