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Blurgh! Hi, I'm Erin. I'm the busy mom of two energetic little boys and wife to a Phd student that likes to sew, read, take pictures and waste time on the internet. Two More Seconds is my attempt to capture the moments in our crazy life that we'll love to look back on - and even some that we probably won't. I'm a Procrastinator Extraordinaire who's always finding I need just two more seconds to get it all done ...

I've been at this blogging thing for quite awhile now (since 1998), but have pretty recently gone "public". (See this post). I'm originally from Utah, but spent 8 glorious years living in beautiful, sunny, Southern California where I ate way too many fish tacos and spent too much time at Disneyland and baseball games.  Now we're back in Utah so my husband can get another degree & I spend my days sewing, obsessively checking Instagram on my iPhone, being the room mom in Mason's class, and planning Sewing Summit.

I like photography and doing crafty things like sewing and quilting -- when I'm not being too much of a perfectionist to finish them to my liking. I can cook semi-well, I am mediocre at keeping a clean house, but I kick butt at having fun with my sons and playing Minecraft on the Xbox. I like long walks on the beach -- wait, no, I HATE long walks on the beach. All that sand between my toes and in my shoes - yuck! I'll stick to long walks on smooth, paved trails and looking at the beach from a distance.

Sewing Summit: In summer of 2010 I had the crazy idea to create a modern sewing & blogging conference. I envisioned a place where all my online sewing friends could gather for a weekend & fawn over their favorite fabrics & chat & laugh & get to know each other better, as well as learning new sewing & social media skills. The first Sewing Summit happened in October 2011 & was a huge success. Sewing Summit 2012 happened in October & was just as wonderful. The third Sewing Summit happened September 19th - 21st, 2013 & was the best one yet! You can read more about the ideas & planning behind Sewing Summit at my Sew, Mama, Sew interview here.

Other places you'll find me online: Planning Sewing Summit: the modern sewing & blogging conference I founded. Posting my pictures on Flickr. Chatting with my friends on Twitter. Reviewing my favorite places to eat on Yelp. Pinning gorgeous images on Pinterest.  Hanging out on Instagram.

Contact me: Erin (at) TwoMoreSeconds . com

My boys I'm married to Marc. He's smart, he's cute, he's funny -- he's, well, he's a little cranky if I don't put my shoes away and he trips over them when he leaves for school at 5:30 am (hey -- who's perfect?). He's a research geneticist working on his PhD, which to me means he talks and all I hear is this: "blah blah bloob lab blah blah blarg DNA blah blag studies bloo blah bioinformatics blah blee bloo". Just kidding, I understand about 50% of what he says. And that's after 13 years of marriage and learning to decipher his lab-speak. Marc is a simple guy and he likes: me, Mason, Grahm, work, sleep and baseball. And cooking. He lives and breathes Angels Baseball and is a die hard fan no matter if they're winning or losing. He misses living in California where he grew up, but he's putting up with living in Utah for now.

M We have a son named Mason. Spend any time at this website and you're sure to see a gazillion pictures of him. Probably because he's cute and I like taking photographs of him and the cute things he does. He is 7 and is the typical second grader - loves reading and crafts and playing his iPod and watching cartoons. Seems like he was just a chubby little infant wailing his chubby little fists around in fits of protest while I kissed his chubby little cheeks (seriously, this kid was a miniature Michelin Man -- SO chubby!). Now he's running around scaling the back of the couch and spewing the baseball player stats that his dad is teaching him.

Grahm - 70.365 We have another son named Grahm. Typical of second children, there's not quite as many photos of him, but I'm working on it! Grahm is four years old and is working quickly to catch up to the chub that his older brother was. Grahm is lovable and laid back and our little goofball. He makes us laugh daily with is hilarious personality & joking around. He also gives me daily heart attacks with his no-fear attitude, he's routinely jumping off couches and tipping things over and sticking things in plugs -- and yes, I baby-proofed! This one is going to be a troublemaker!


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