Tuesday, January 14, 2014

#The Great Fabric Destash (on Instagram)

I've been wanting to do a destash of some of my fabric for awhile now. Ever since moving last fall I realized how much fabric I actually have (the fabric boxes were some of the heaviest in the move - ha!) ... and how much of that I will never have enough hours in my lifetime to ever sew with. When I first started sewing, I would buy fabric just because I liked it, without any idea how or when I would ever use it. I still like to buy fabric just because it's pretty, but I've become MUCH more picky about the things that I spend my money on.

People destash (destash = sell or give away) fabric from time to time on Instagram, and after my friend Leigh posted some fabric the other day to try to sell, only to have it go unclaimed for hours (it was really good fabric too!) it occurred to me that what we needed was a big IG wide destash, with a hashtag so that everyone could follow along, all happening at the same time! So, The Great Fabric Destash was born.

This is how it will work:

FOR SELLERS: Post pictures of the fabric you want to destash. Include as much information as you can in your picture description: cut sizes, line/designer name, if smoke/pet free, the price, if the price includes shipping or not, if you'll ship US only or international, washed/unwashed, etc. If you have a lot to sell, it's OK to post your general rules in a picture at the beginning before your fabric pictures.

A good, clear picture in natural light will really catch the eye of buyers when they're searching through tons of pictures in the hashtag! Don't use too many filters on the pictures - you want the colors to be as close to real life as possible so no ones disappointed when they get the fabric in the mail.

Make sure to include the hashtag #thegreatfabricdestash on your pictures so they'll be searchable by everyone who is looking to purchase on Wednesday night!

You'll handle all the invoicing/shipping/etc yourself. It would be great if after the fabric sells & you've gotten the buyer invoiced, you can delete the picture so other people searching the hashtag knows that fabric is no longer available. If you want to wait until it ships to delete, that's fine too (in case the first buyer backs out you can default to the 2nd in line.)

FOR BUYERS: On Wednesday night, starting at 9pm EST, search the hashtag #thegreatfabricdestash on Instagram. Have your fastest typing fingers warmed up because a lot of fabric will go FAST. Leave your PayPal email address to claim the fabric you want to buy, it's first come first win. A lot of times you'll think you've won, but then after you refresh the picture, you'll see you might be 2nd or 3rd (or more) in line, this can happen when a lot of people are posting at the same time! Don't get discouraged and try for something else!

After the sellers get thier PayPal invoices out to you, please pay them promptly so they can get it shipped out and wrapped up. Sellers have the right to move on to the next buyer in line if they don't get paid or hear from you to make arrangements.

FOR EVERYONE: Have fun! Play nice. And contact the sellers directly if you have a question about their fabric or policies.

A note about pricing:

I've gotten a lot of questions about how to price things. I unfortunately can't answer this specifically because so much goes into pricing fabric that you want to sell! I would suggest searching eBay or Etsy for similar fabric / scrap packs / whatever you're selling to get a general feel for what the going rate is on what you have.

Personally searching Etsy, a good general guideline for scrap packs is $1.00 per ounce of scrap fabric, plus shipping. Generally a scrap is considered a piece that is at least 3" on one side - something usable.

If you have hard to find or out of print fabric, that is definitely going to sell for more than fabric that is currently available at retailers. Take that into consideration. It's supply and demand!

Also consider WHY you're destashing your fabric. If you're selling to make money to pay off bills, you might price a little higher to try to get top dollar. That's absolutely fine - just remember you run the risk of not selling if other people have similar items at a lesser price. If you're selling just simply to clear space, you might take a little less in order to free up your shelves.

Other Notes:

Someone asked if how long it will go tomorrow night. I don't know! As long as people are still posting fabric for sale! After that, feel free to keep using #thegreatfabricdestash hashtag when you have fabric for sale, I'm sure people will still check it from time to time. You just won't have as many eyeballs on it at one specific time.

Someone asked if they could sell other sewing things besides fabric - patterns, notions, etc. I think this is fine! Although it's primarily for fabric, as long as it's sewing supplies that are applicable and you're not a business that is just hashtagging your normal stock, I think it's fine!


I hope this helps a little bit! I hope it's fun! If it's a success, I think we should do it again - maybe every few months? Let me know if you have any other questions.

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