Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sewing Lately - Modern Maples Fall Quilt

So it's been a LONG time since I've been in this space. I'm interested to see if anyone even still notices this blog post - I've been so out of touch with the blogging world lately (Instagram is a blog killer!) I almost forget what I'm supposed to do here.

But, I miss it. And I'm going to jump right in & make blogging a priority again because A) I miss it, B) I miss the record kept of our family excursions & experiences and C) I miss the community aspect.

It feels like fall outside today & I really want to make the Modern Maples quilt. It looks like it comes together pretty fast?

Fall is my favorite time of the year (especially in Utah) and I fell in love last year with the Modern Maples quilt from the Pretty in Patchwork: Holidays (Buy on Amazon here) book by my friend John / QuiltDad. Amanda / HeyPorkchop designed the pattern & it's just so pretty in it's simplicity and fall-ness.

I can't get #modernmaples off my mind! I might be starting another (mini) quilt! #tmssews

I pulled some fabrics (two stacks actually!) and got sewing.

Half done with my #modernmaples blocks (this is some of them) and have the other half cut out & ready to sew.  #tmssews #tmsfall13

The blocks are pretty by themselves.

7 more #modernmaples blocks done today. #tmssews #sewing #quilting

But then they really shine when you start piecing them together. My full quilt top:

My #modernmaples throw sized quilt top done. #tmssews #tmsfall13

And my mini quilt top:

And my #modernmaple mini quilt top done too! (Same size blocks as the big quilt, just only 4 of them for a mini quilt) #tmssews #tmsfall13

I just need to find some time now to baste & quilt them & then we'll have some pretty new (and functional!) fall deco around here for the rest of the season. I'm telling you, fall is my favorite!

The changing leaves were amazing in the mountains today. #tmsfall13 #autumn

Fall is my favorite.  #tmsfall13 #igutah

October is truly amazing.  Please don't tell me you're getting sick of autumn pictures yet.  #tmsfall13

Drizzly October morning.  Isn't this tree a show off?! I just want to go run through those leaves on their grass.  #tmsfall13


  1. Welcome back! I know what you mean about the instagram blog killer thing. The more modern maples quilts I see the more I wand to make one but I've got so many other things to finish first!

  2. I'm still here. :) Beautiful pictures and quilt! I love fall too.

  3. Good to see you back along with your delightful maples!

  4. It looks great! How big are the maple blocks? I love the colors you used.

  5. Yea! I love that you're back ... and your quilts and fall!

  6. Welcome back! Your quilt is going to be lovely!

  7. Most beautiful post ever! Those fabrics, those trees, that quilt! I loooove!

  8. YAY! I've missed you, although I follow you on instagram! Welcome back!

  9. Just waving hello from your fellow delinquent blogger ;) Nice to see you again.

  10. Delicious! I'm in love with your fabric choices on this. So gorgeous!

  11. I love the pillow you did for Skip to My Lou! New fan of yours!

  12. I loved the pillow you did for Skip to My Lou! New fan of yours! :)



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