Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Color Run: Salt Lake City

Have you heard about The Color Run? I did it in Salt Lake City last August and it was seriously one of the most fun things I've ever done.

I signed up with a few of my friends from my local sewing group, some of whom were runners & some of whom had never done any type of race before at all - this was Sukie's first 5k ever! If you haven't heard of The Color Run, it's a super relaxed and fun race where the only "rule" is that you have to start the race with a white shirt - because by the end of the race it's going to be anything but white.

I wore my white Color Run shirt and my pretty Team Sparkle skirt!

This was us before at the starting line:

The race itself is like a big party - lots of people dress up in fun outfits & it's super colorful & loud. You run or walk the course and disbursed throughout there are different color stations - this is where the fun is! It's really about being healthy & having fun!

Here's my view as I was coming up on the blue station:

The color is actually just a cornstarch type powder that's had dye added. You don't want to take a big breath of it, but the color throwers at the station are really nice about not throwing it in your face, or just throwing a little bit on you if you don't want to get completely covered.

Then at the finish line it's really like a big party! They have music playing & everyone has been given a color packet to throw up in the air, throw at your friends, or throw at yourself. :)

This was us after the race: (We're all still smiling!)

In case you're wondering, the powder comes clean pretty easily, I was able to brush most of it off my skin, brush it out of my hair, and it all came out in the wash off my clothing.

I had the best time doing the Color Run & can't wait to do it again this August. I'm working with the people at The Color Run & they've offered my readers a special $5.00 off discount code. It's only good for the Salt Lake City Color Run, and will take $5.00 off the price of registration (if you sign up in a group you can get an additional $5.00 off). Tickets are limited & they'll sell out quickly, so if you're thinking about going then you should sign up asap!

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Fun! They're coming to Anchorage for the first time in June and I'm doing it with a bunch of friends. I was so excited after reading your post about it last year. :)



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