Tuesday, April 24, 2012

my SNAP! conference recap

As I said in my last post, this past weekend I had the chance to attend the SNAP! Conference! I was so excited this event was happening right in my backyard (seriously Thanksgiving Point, where the conference took place, is about 10 minutes away, which was great because I left the conference on Saturday morning to go see Marc finish the Salt Lake City Marathon!).

SNAP is a conference for DIY & creative bloggers - the same type of event for the online crafting community as Sewing Summit is for the online sewing community. There were so many amazing bloggers & crafters there & I had a fantastic time. I was on Instagram most of the weekend, posting pictures of all the amazing details of the event. Here's some of my highlights:

I'm the one that doesn't have a plain white lanyard! ;] @snapconf #snapconf Standing room only at the blogging panel at #snapconf

I brought my Sewing Summit lanyard to use for my name badge | Standing room only at the blogging panel (you can read a great recap of the panel here)

Favorite type of swag : sewing stuff! #snapconf You know you're at a blogging conference when .... #snapconf

My favorite type of swag: sewing stuff from Pick Your Plum! | You know you're at a blogging conference when ...

The amazing @tauni telling us her blogging story. #snapconf Meeting Ashley of Lil Blue Boo was a highlight already of #snapconf !

The conference founder Tauni telling us her blogging story | Meeting Ashley of Lil Blue Boo was a highlight of my weekend!

Same spot as last night - the #qbm is amazing. #snapconf A selvedge globe. I repeat. A selvedge GLOBE! So fun! #snapconf #qbm

The Queen Bee Market was held on Friday night & Saturday, lots of amazing shopping to be had! Plus Mique & Jessica are two of the sweetest girls, ever. | A selvedge globe. I mean really, how could I NOT buy it?! I'll be blogging about this awesome thing more later this week.

Excited for the closing dinner & speaker at #snapconf !! Goodbye #snapconf !! You were amazing ;]

The closing dinner & on Saturday night | Goodbye SNAP - you were so fun!

Fun friends at #snapconf #latergram @amyusmart @traciu73 @missiemort The rest of my night: fro yo & checking out all my new business cards!

The fun girls I hung out with most of the weekend, Melissa from Polkadot Chair, Amy from Diary of a Quilter & Traci from Amazing Mae. | Saturday night I came home & I was dead tired - spent the rest of the night with my frozen yogurt & all my new business cards!

I had the best time this weekend & it makes me even more excited about the plans we have in place for Sewing Summit! Thanks to the amazing SNAP! team that made this weekend go off with out a hitch & lots of fun for everyone!


  1. It was so nice to meet you this weekend! Sad to have missed the Saturday night event (we both had other things going on...)but it looks like it was fun!

  2. That was YOU that bought that globe? I saw someone carrying it but didnt really pay much attention. Super cool!

  3. Looks like it was soo much fun! I will have to be sure to make it next year. Love the globe!!

  4. What a great post!!! And nice work on the lanyard! So stylish! :)
    ~Shelley Smith

  5. I loved having some time to sit and chat with you at SNAP. It was really fun getting to know you better! I'm going to quilt market - I'd love to meet up with you... have you been before? This is the first time I've gone, it seems so overwhelming!!

  6. How exciting, I am grateful for your instagram photos during the trip. I had no idea about this conference. I just recently started to get to know Amy Smart, and I am looking forward to sewing summit of course. I think this one might be on next years calendar.

    Thank you Erin



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