Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tangerine Tango Quilt winners!

Yesterday we announced the winners of the Tangerine Tango Quilt Challenge here on Ali's blog, A Squared W. I was so impressed by all the entries we got to our fun little challenge and loved seeing all the different interpretations of using the color Tangerine in quilting.

I loved hearing from our judges about what they liked about the different quilts, and how hard it was to narrow it down to their top 3 choices. Here's what a few of them had to say about the challenge:

Jeni, from In Color Order: "Tangerine can be a difficult color to work with, it's so incredibly bright and often overpowering. I was impressed by how well everyone incorporated it into their projects! Despite the challenge's color constraints, there was so much variety in design, so many unique quilts! I hope you all enjoyed sewing with tangerine, I know I enjoyed watching your progress!"

Kate, from Kate Spain Design: "I've so enjoyed checking out the works-in-progress and seeing minis and quilts take shape. Hats off to you for thinking up such a wonderful, creative challenge and for inspiring and encouraging people to embrace this beautiful, energized color!"

Here's the run down of the 3 winning quilts from the full-sized category:

1st place: Tail Wind by spontaneousthreads

blogged here by the designer

"This quilt (and beautiful quilting) has so much motion and makes my eye jump around in such a playful way! I love the variation of scale and overall use of space." - Kate Spain

2nd place: Patti Page by brand.jenna

blogged here by Jenna

"I want this on my bed. Is that compliment enough? :)" - Katy Dill

3rd place: Equilibrium, by deux petites souris

blogged here by Cinzia

"This one is packed with a punch! Orange is about as bold a color as they come and this design is all about being bold. I love it!" - Kate Spain

I'll be back tomorrow with a wrap of of the mini quilts category!


  1. 3 gorgeous quilts congratulations to the winners!!

  2. Congratulations winners! There were so many fun entries. Ya'll are a creative bunch!

  3. Very beautiful quilts! Congratulations to the winners!

  4. Congratulations to these winners and thank you for sharing the judges comments!

  5. Congrats to the winners! These three quilts are so inspiring!!

  6. Thanks for sharing the judges' comments! It's always interesting to hear how they 'see' things!

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