Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Painting a Giant Chalkboard Wall

So we have this one pretty big wall in our table area right off the kitchen. It's not a huge space, and we have a pretty big table already, so I didn't like having an extra piece of furniture in there when we did (a hutch like thing). It's also the walkway to the mudroom off the garage and has the sliding glass door to the backyard, so it needs to be fairly clean & clutterless.

A few months ago I printed some of my Instagram pictures and put them on some bulletin boards on the big wall - I loved the Instagram pictures themselves but the bulletin boards were kind of dwarfed by the blank wall space.

Love Christmas decorations but always love a fresh, naked house too.

I had seen a few chalkboard wall pictures on Pinterest (are you on Pinterest? Follow my boards here!) and thought it would be an easy & low cost way to make a big impact.

Chalkboard wall all measured & taped off! Going to be big!

Our walls were already in good condition so I just patched the few holes that were there from the bulletin boards & sanded the filler down when it was dry. I then measured off the space for the chalkboard paint and used my favorite green frog tape to tape it off.

First coat of chalkboard paint is on.

This is the paint I used - bought from Home Depot for about 10$ a can. I only used about 3/4ths of the can to do the 2 coats on my wall. I gently sanded in between the 2 coats on a couple of rough spots that came up with the first coat of paint - the paint is pretty thick & I had to be careful when using the foam roller to make it not too thick in any one area. I followed the directions on the can & let it dry in between coats & then cure for 3 days before writing on it - the wait was killer for the boys! I had to make sure we had the chalk well hidden in the house for those 3 days!

Love love loving my huge kitchen chalkboard!!!

This is the finished product! We also bought some wall molding and square decorative things to make a frame for the chalkboard to fancy it up a little bit. Marc just nailed those right into the wall after measuring & cutting them down to the right size.

Getting tons of use already!

The kids love it & it's already getting tons of use! I should have done this years ago!


  1. It looks awesome! I saw your "choose joy" pic on instagram, so cute :o)

  2. love it! i want to make one for our kids playroom!

  3. Very cool!! Great that you bordered it to keep the chalk 'in'. fun.

  4. It looks fab! I used to have chalkboard paint on the sides of my fridge, but when it went to that great kitchen in the sky, I never got round to trying it on the new one...

  5. I want one in my sewing room for sure

  6. Wow, I love this. It would be perfect for my "future" basement play room. I'm stopping by from the SNAP link up to say hello. I'll be attending next month, as well, so hopefully we'll get a chance to meet there. it should be SO fun! Happy and safe travels, Abbey

  7. I love this!!! Really want to do it but my hub says it won't work on textured walls. Do you know if it does? Are yours textured? Like most houses here in US I believe are, but maybe you have flat walls? Ours are textured and I'm trying to figure out if it will work and how to do it if it will. I've tried googling but haven't found out yet. Thanks for any help:)



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