Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Morning Inspiration - Do Something Good Today!

I've written before how I think that Monday mornings get a bad rap - I personally love the excitement of a brand spakin' new week & the promise of everything I can get accomplished this week. It's like the start of a race between myself & my goals for the week - I love crossing things off my list & getting things done!

Monday morning inspiration. Do something good today! #mminspo

But I know a lot of people don't share my Monday morning sentiments & face Mondays with a sense of dread & loathing. How about a little dose of inspiration to get you going this morning & give you a gentle little nudge into productivity? Whether your goals for the day include a conference call or an email you've been putting off writing or a huge pile of laundry that needs to be folded, here's some inspiration to get you on your way.

My Monday Morning inspiration for today is "Do Something Good Today". Whether for yourself (an unplanned Starbucks run?), your kids (surprise making cookies before bed day, just because?), a stranger (buying lunch for the car behind you in the drive through?), your significant other (a little love note tucked into a pocket?) or a friend (an email out of the blue, just to say how happy you are for them?) - do something good today.

I have a feeling it makes your Monday more bearable, promise.

& if you're on InstaGram, tag a picture of your good thing #mminspo & I'll feature some of my favorites on the blog later this week. (psst - did you hear InstaGram is coming to the Android platform soon too?)

Happy Monday! <3


  1. I don't have instagram (darn blackberry anyway :P ) but this is good for me to read this morning! I have errands all day but want to stay home and sew. Instead I will stop at Starbucks and take the kids to a park.

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