Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I think Monday gets a bad rap - I love the excitement of a new week & the idea of a full 5 days to get things going & see what can get accomplished.

Only taking a sip of the kool-aid. 4 blocks & I'm calling it a pillow. ;] So thats where my candy stash went.

This weekend I got a little sewing time in - have you seen the new quilt along that Dana & the Old Red Barn Co group is doing? Check out all the details here. I am just dipping my pinky toe in & doing 4 squares for a new Spring pillow. And didn't you know that your scrap bin was the best place to store your sewing-room chocolate!? ;]

Rainbow goodness at Target. Checking out the 10 year anniversary SLC Olympics celebration.

This weekend was also spent running errands to Target (aren't those rainbow scarfs pretty?) & checking out the celebration in downtown Salt Lake that they had for the 10th anniversary of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. We lived in California when the Olympics took place here but were able to come visit for the weekend - what a fun time!

Hi Mom dont worry I got pb&honey on EVERY slice! #argh The park. So nice to be out in the fresh air.

And just in case you wondered, if you want a really tasty PB & honey sandwich, Grahm's your guy. Look how proud of himself he is in that picture - I just couldn't get mad at that adorable little man.

Hope you're having a great Monday!


  1. I don't know if I would be able to laugh right away at the sandwiches but I bet there were delish!

  2. It looks like he was making enough sandwiches for the whole family! So thoughtful :) Cadbury Mini Eggs are my favorite!

  3. Bet those sandwiches were a hit -- LOL. I have an adorable picture of two of my grandkids when they were about 10 mths old. They opened the lower cabinet where I kept their packaged snacks - spread them all over the floor and looked so surprised as I snapped that picture of them gnawing on the unopened packages of p-nut butter crackers. Don't you just love it!!

  4. You're exactly right about Mondays although I suppose I love my work so that makes a difference. Great idea about the chocolate :) Maggie xx

  5. Great idea to make a pillow with the Granny Squares!



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