Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts Day - a mini quilt

For awhile I've wanted to make a little mini quilt for each holiday - at least one a month so I can switch out a little wall art every few weeks in our front room. My mom always had our house decorated for all the different holidays & I loved that - so I want to do the same for my boys.

Valentines Day mini / Not sure if I'm loving it or hating it & am at the critical point I need to decide to keep it or trash it!

I had this idea in my brain for the way I wanted to make this heart mini quilt - with super skinny strips of red & pink fabric sewn together to make a general heart shape with the edges still squared off like in the above picture - but after sewing 50 strips of 1" fabric together my "heart" was misshapen and wonky (and not in the good way).

Valenines Mini quilt

I almost scrapped it a few times - it just was not working out the way I had pictured it in my brain & it was frustrating me. I decided to round out the edges and make it into a true heart shape & I ended up liking that a lot better.

Valentines Mini quilt detail

To assemble it, I just cut a 20x20" piece of white fabric and used my fabric glue stick to temporarily adhere the heart onto the center of it. Then I stitched really close to the edge of the heart to secure the heart enough that it wouldn't shift too much during quilting. This part was hard because of all the seams on the back of the heart - it is bulky!

Happy Hearts Day - in mini quilt form.

Then I quilted it in vertical lines, varying their widths from each other. Bound in a cute pink and red stripe & my scrap-basket heart mini quilt was all done for Valentines Day with just a day to spare. At least I'll be ready to go for 2013. :]


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  1. Oh I really love it! Glad you didn't scrap it!

  2. Very cute! And what a fun idea, having mini quilts for each holiday. :)

  3. I love it! I am so borrowing that idea/pattern!

  4. It's super cute Erin. You should enter it in the Modern Mini Challenge on my blog on March 5! It would be perfect. :)

  5. Wow, that's a great job! You know, that same idea could be used for a St Patty's day shamrock - AND you'd have a whole month to put it together!!!
    ;) C

  6. it is soo cute! i am so glad you didn't give up! pinning!

  7. Love your decorating idea. Can't wait to see what u make next. Xo rika

  8. Ooh, that looks fab, great idea with the heart strings!

  9. I love the way you perseverance paid off! The heart is wonderful.
    I have a quilt wall that I swap out holiday quilts on. Christmas is still up because the valentine inspiration did not strike. I have too many irons in the fire but hope that I can get it together for St. Patrick's Day.

  10. Erin this is really great! I absolutely LOVE it! I also love that you decorate for all the holidays. This is really important to me too but by this Valentines Day I had such holiday fatigue I didn't hang up a single heart. Next year!

  11. This turned out very cute, I like it!

  12. Cute! Too bad your original plan was frustrating (I think I can picture it), but I'm glad you didn't scrap the project entirely!

  13. Just pinned this, anad totally adore it! We were just tweeting, so you know that I will try this soon! Such a fun idea to make a mini for each holiday, and I want to do this too! I think I need to make a little schedule for myself, to stay on track...!

  14. I love it!
    Great binding choice, too!
    Ok... pinning this and then I'll hope to get to this before next February... ;-)

  15. This is amazing!!!!!! What I great idea!!!!



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