Monday, January 30, 2012

Tangerine Tango Challenge Judges

The Tangerine Tango Quilt Challenge is well underway - did you see Ali posted about all the prizes you can win from our great sponsors?! There are some awesome things up for grabs.

We gathered together an amazing group of judges to give their opinions & help us narrow down the entries to determine the winners! Each of them brings something different to the table in terms of areas of sewing expertise or color knowledge, but the common thread between everyone is a great taste of color & all of them being amazing sewists!


Judge 1: Jeni Baker of In Color Order. Jeni's class on Color Theory was one of the most popular last year at Sewing Summit - and for good reason! This girl knows how to put fabric together and has a great eye for complimentary colors.

Judge 2: Kate Spain of Kate Spain Designs. Kate uses orange in almost all of the fabric lines she designs, and says that orange (of any shade) is her favorite color. Perfect for this contest!

Judge 3: Amy Gunson of Badskirt. Amy has a keen eye for design & always has great comments when she dissects quilts & blocks on Flickr. She (like I did) also had reservations about Tangerine Tango being the color of the year & can't wait to see it being used in quilting.

Judge 4: Katy Dill of No Big Dill. I have long been in love with Katy's orange sewing room - I knew she would be a perfect fit for judging an all orange contest!

Judge 5: The staff of Fat Quarterly magazine. My friends at FQ are always on the cutting edge of what's contemporary & have great opinions on quilts & quilting.


Have you seen the great quilts popping up in the Flickr group lately? There's already a bunch of official entries for mini quilts & even some larger quilts have started to trickle in. Remember you have until March 2nd to finish something to enter - I need to get working on mine!


  1. What's the criteria that the judges are using to pick? Or are they just picking a favorite?

    1. Good question! We're leaving it up to the judges to pick their top 3 favorites in each category (regular or mini quilt) based on whatever criteria they want ... as long as each entry meets the "rules" that Ali and I have set. So it's pretty open & subjective but we've got a good set of judges that have pretty different & varying tastes!



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