Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sewing WIPs

I've always got a lot of balls in the air and this month is no different. I have some exciting things that I want to start working on - but I'm borrowing a hint from Darci & trying not to start any new projects until I get all my WIP's done! Here's a list of (most) of the things I'm working on right now.

Swoon Quilt:

I made a few Swoon blocks last fall & then my stack of fabric just sat. This is NOT an easy block to make, you have to be pretty precise in piecing & make sure you have a consistent 1/4" or else your blocks will just not line up right. Plus the blocks are huge! But then I saw Katy had started a Swoon-along on Flickr and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get this quilt done! I've already got all my white cut & just need to buckle down and do the remaining 7 blocks I have left to do. If you've been wanting to make a Swoon quilt, this is a great group of people to join in with & let motivate you!

Someone asked me to take a picture for scale. #sewing

Flannel Quilt:

I bought a ton of flannel when it was on sale a few months ago & want to make a nice & toasty warm quilt just for me. I'm always cold in our house (especially the basement) during winter & I need a snuggly quilt all my own. I've started cutting this pretty flannel up into big squares & am going to keep this quilt pretty simple so it can hopefully get done faster! ;]

Adore: laundry when it's of the fabric variety. #janphotoaday 3/366

Tangerine Tango:

I have an idea for what I want to do as my Tangerine Tango challenge quilt, I just need to sketch it out & see if I can figure out the math. If I can make it work right, I think I'm going to love the look of it! (Did you see that Ali posted about our prizes yesterday? We've got some great stuff up for grabs!)

The two best matches in my stash to Tangerine according to Kona.


I recently finished a small project that's going to be included in the next edition of Fat Quarterly (you can see a little sneak peek of it in this picture) & I've got another project in the works for a book collaboration I was asked to be a part of. (the sketch in the picture)

Breakfast, a new mouse pad & plans. #janphotoaday #morning

Here's to getting some stuff done in January!


  1. Erin, your swoon block is gorgeous!! I love the scrappy version. I assume all of your blocks will be scrappy? It is an amazing take on an already amazing pattern. But you're right, it's not easy and takes precision! I finished a Swoon a few months ago, and all the work is worth it!

  2. love seeing what you are up to and the snippets of DC in the pics make me smile! I am a DC girl too :) I can't wait to see what you do for the TT challenge.

  3. I too am going to try to not start any new projects until I've finished all my WIPs (currently I think the total is at 7...eep!). Love the flannel - one of my UFOs is a flannel LouLouThi simple patchwork quilt that is waiting to be basted.

  4. Love your swoon block. I'm swooning along with you too. But I took a short cut and made 1 big 48" block.

    I also made a pledge to not start anything new till all my planned quilts and finished quilt tops are quilted. But then I joined the swoon along and committed to some blog hops and swaps and that pledge went out the door :)

    I hope you do much better than I did.

  5. Oh wow! Your Swoon block is easily my favorite of all that I've seen. Seriously, that is enough to push me over the edge and make me want to Swoon along, too. You must have an awesome stash to have such great scraps!

  6. Good luck! I love that swoon quilt and blocks. So pretty! I actually found 4 FQ of KJR in orange at an LQS. I thought of you and bought them all up. Let me know if you need any.

    Love the flannel too. Now I'm wishing I'd bought more than one piece.

  7. I'm happy to see you Swooning with the rest of us. Your block looks great. I started mine last year too and this was the push I needed to get it finished.

  8. I am sooooo excited you are back on your Swoon, especially considering your scrappy block was such an inspiration for my own! yay

  9. Reading your post makes me remember all the projects I've started and forgotten over the past couple of years. I have some catching up to do, but I just started two new projects… Hopefully you have better luck than me!

  10. Your a busy mama!!! Looking good. Way beyond my skills. Xo

  11. A flannel quilt would be so cozy! And I'm glad to see your Swoon making an appearance! I'm trying to finish mine up during the Swoon-Along, too!

  12. Looks like some great projects you have going on, love the idea of that flannel quilt

  13. i can't wait to see more of your swoon blocks. i think scrappy swoon is my super favorite!



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