Wednesday, November 9, 2011

a Handmade Quilted iPad case

Certain people are going to laugh like crazy at this post because I made total fun of them when they got iPads. I am hardcore in love with my iPhone but an iPad - just didn't see the point.

Honestly, I still don't totally but it sure is a fun toy to play with. It is fun to have a fast little computer that's easily accessible and quick to start up, without the teeny little screen of my iPhone.

my iPad case, stylus and iPad

I really feel like I'm living in the future at times with how much we can do on our smart phones - I set my DVR from the middle of the grocery store, get updates on my bank balance through text, borrow books from my public library and have them wirelessly downloaded to me in seconds, buy Breaking Dawn tickets and pick out my reserved seat from the comfort of my own bed ..... it's all pretty cool.

iPad case back

So of course I had to make a cute cover for it as soon as I brought it home. I knew I wanted something patchworky with some of my favorite fabrics included so I started by making this teensy tiny quilt block:

Working on some teensy patchwork / 4 square inches so far!

Then I just kept adding linen until it was big enough. For the back I used some more teeny tiny (finishing at 1" square) squares with the fabrics from the front. I used Amber from One Shabby Chick's tutorial as a jumping off point - she gave me the measurements I needed to make sure I was getting a snug fit for my iPad.

with my stylus

I did my closure a little bit differently then her, instead of sticking it in the seam so it was only visible on the front, I just sewed the whole tab thing right onto the outside of the back of the pouch so you could see it from the front and the back.

it's a perfect fit

It's a perfect fit and very snug with the smart cover I have on the front of it. Also my little stylus clips onto the tab on the top and keeps it from getting lost. A stylus is a MUST for me, I find it really clunky to navigate and type on the iPad keyboard and screen.  I went out and bought it after having the iPad for just a day.

close up iPad case

I quilted it pretty densely so it would be sturdy - and it's lined with both interfacing as well as fusible fleece. It's thick!  I have to say - Grace handled the thickness amazingly!

Another must have for me that I discovered is the Flipbook app! If you have an iPad you must get this free app - it's so fun. It's a way more visual way of surfing through your Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook feeds. This screen capture is from my Pinterest feed. :] I love it. You can favorite & comment on things just the same as in the regular apps - it's just so much prettier.

Flipbook app

My friend Megan of Canoe Ridge Creations also got the very same iPad this week for her birthday and made an awesome case for it - rainbowy and gorgeous!  Go check out her post too.


  1. Your case is adorable Erin! I am going to have to download that Flipbook app, thanks for the tip! :)

  2. Such a cute case. Have fun with your new toy. I loved your friend's case too!

  3. This is just beautiful. Love the log cabin.

  4. oh, it's adorable!! I love something so handmade and "old school" protecting something so current and modern!!! I want to get an iPad just so I can make a cute case for it-Ha!

  5. Awesome! I'm keeping an eye out for these cases as my husband is hinting that he'd like me to make him one...

  6. That's really cute! Nicely done :-)

  7. Our ipad lives in an otter box. I have boys. It had to be that way. But your case is so pretty!

  8. Just found you via Canoe Ridge Creations and am excited to read more! :)

  9. Heh, the guy behind me at work has been trying to sell me on an iPad for over a year, and the guy next to me is busy trying to sell me on an iPhone. This is rather closer to my tastes than their 'amazing uses' for the devices ;o)

  10. I have an iPhone and an iPad. While it is a bit excessive, I'd hate to live without either. I still need to make a case for mine. I'm totally checking out flipbook

  11. what a great case! very pretty!

  12. Wow-love it! I have a new ipad2 so it is time to get stitching! Love the dense linear stitches!

    Cheers! Linda at



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