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The Terrifyingly Awesome Quilt - Bloggers Quilt Festival

One of my favorite things about being involved in the online sewing community is participating in Virtual Quilting Bees. What's a virtual quilting bee? It's the modern day Quilting Bee - little packages of fabric are mailed out to each of your fellow bee members and then weeks later finished blocks zip their way back to you so you can assemble your quilt top. When you're done you've got a quilt that's completed with blocks made by your friends from all over the world - and the results can be a pretty neat sometimes.

(Packages of fabric ready to head out)

I've been in quite a few Virtual Quilting Bees and have to say this one has been one of my favorites. The girls (and one guy!) of Bee Tweet are a GREAT group of people and I'm so excited to have this finished quilt that they all had a hand in helping me make. (Photo heavy post!)

Isn't this just going to be the most terrifyingly awesome quilt you've ever seen??! #beetweet - 152.365
(The first blocks mailed back to me)

When I was figuring out what I wanted to do for my month, I decided to go all out and just go crazy with a scrappy quilt. I found and fell in love with this block tutorial by my friend Aneela and told my Bee Tweeters to generally follow her guidelines but really just do what they wanted - I knew the blocks would all be so colorful and crazy that they'd all work together in the end.

Nine blocks so far for my terrifyingly awesome #beetweet quilt
(Up to 9 blocks now)

Once the blocks started coming in and I was laying them all next to each other I thought to myself that this was kind of both scary and awesome all at once. So the Terrifyingly Awesome quilt was born.

#BeeTweet quilt top
(The beginning of a quilt top)

I debated on sashing the blocks together but I decided against it. For one, these blocks are HUGE - 17.5 inches and sashing would have made the quilt top ginormous. Plus by then I had just totally embraced the terrifying awesomeness and was just running with it 100%.

The terrifyingly awesome quilt top is done. #beetweet
(The quilt top all done)

I really had wanted to have this quilt done by Sewing Summit - because we had figured out that 8 out of the 11 members of Bee Tweet were going to be in attendance! Very rarely do you get to meet the people that actually made your blocks for you, but that's the great thing about Sewing Summit. :]

The best bee ever - #beetweet at @sewingsummit
(L-R Jen, Leigh, Chris, Darci, Amy, Rachel, me, Ali)

But unfortunately I got too busy and the quilt was only about 1/2 quilted at the Summit. That didn't stop us from having a Bee Tweet photo op and getting a little silly. We even gave my quilt some love and did a classic summer camp photo pose on it as well.

One of my fav #sewingsummit pics - the girls from #beetweet on my #beetweet quilt
(Summer camp)

Once I got home from Sewing Summit I was determined to get this quilt finished! It only took a few hours of dedicated quilting time on my new BabyLock Grace to do the straight line quilting.

Grace & I are going to finish this quilt today no matter what! @babylock #beetweet
(Determined to finish!)

I love the look and how easy machine sewn binding is!

Binding is going on! #sewing #beetweet
(Binding going on!)

And finally - in and out of the washer and it was DONE!

Done. #sewing #beetweet #quilt

I can't thank my fellow Bee Tweet members enough for making me these crazy awesome huge colorful blocks. They each put in some of their own favorite scraps in addition to the fabric I sent them and it's so much fun to look over the blocks and search out all the different prints.

All the members of Bee Tweet:


And if you've made it this far - I'm sure you want to see some pictures of the FINISHED quilt! ;]

the finished quilt

all done!

playing on the playground

when I dropped the quilt in the creek.
(This is when I dropped it into the creek)

the back

detail of the back & quilting

The back of the quilt I kept pretty simple, with a huge improvised block of all my favorite green and aqua prints, on a huge sea of Kona Grass.

closer look

On the whole quilt I did horizontal quilting, and then in just one column I did vertical quilting too, creating this grid on some of the blocks.

all folded up

And the aqua binding. I knew with how crazy the front of the quilt was I wanted a solid binding, and this aqua was in almost every block so it tied everything together great.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt!

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  1. ohmygosh I LOVE it!! I am going to have to try and make one for myself. It's amazing!!

  2. I love this too! New to bee's myself I enjoy seeing these finishes. Great quilt!

  3. I've fallen in love with this quilt, it rocks!

  4. Beautiful. I've been wanting to try that block style for a while now. Your quilt and photos are awesome.

  5. What an awesome quilt!

    Do you have any pointers for making your machine-sewn binding not look "wonky"? I also love the look of machine binding, but it is never straight. Maybe I'm being too picky? :)

  6. it's beautiful Erin!
    I walked by when you ladies were having your picture taken on it, so fun!

  7. Very cool!! I love the craziness of it.

  8. Love your quilt, love how it was made and love your pictures! I felt like I went along for the journey! :)
    Enjoy the festival!

  9. oh man what a great quilt!!!! LOVE how scrappy it is... i miss being part of a bee. maybe I try and find one to join. *sigh*

  10. That looks so super fab, Erin, you did a great job putting this one together! The name's perfect, too :) So glad it survived its' little dip in the creek!

  11. Oh that is fab! Even after its inadvertent dunking :oD

  12. This is SPECTACULAR! And the name is absolutely perfect. I would be a little terrified of it, too, and yet there it is, totally awesome.


  13. It turned out really awesome! I love it!

  14. oh, what a great scrappy quilt! so fun to have a quilt made by so many lovely folks. congrats!

  15. What a fantastic quilt! That block design has beautiful lines for the eye to follow. Nice job!

    p.s. I found you through Twitter - don't ask me why it decided to suggest you to me, but I'm glad it did! :)

  16. This is a BEAUTIFUL quilt! Love the colors and love the quilting too.

  17. I love it. The colors are fabulous. I would love to cozy up under it. I would make me feel cheery and warm! :)

  18. fantastic quilt! Love how you finished it.

  19. It is a wonderful quilt, and a great story. I love how you made the back too.

  20. I love it! And I think it was a perfect decision to go without sashing. Great back too.

  21. It's absolutely fabulous!! I see many of my favorite fabrics in there. The best part is, every time you look at it you will see all your Bee friends. Bliss.

  22. This is so gorgeous, Erin! I really love the way you quilted it, too!

  23. Erin it is such a great quilt- full of fun and color and energy. I really like the back too and your quilting is wonderful.

  24. This really is awesome! (I don't see any terrifying - hee hee!) Great quilt, and what happy memories it has now. Thanks for sharing.

  25. What a fun quilt and a fun group!

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  26. Love your quilt and how fun it was created with help from so many friends. I've just not been brave enough to try that but maybe one day. It's just beautiful. Great block pattern and without sashing is perfect,as is the binding and the back was so vibrantly wonderful, too. Thanks for sharing and have a great day

  27. Your quilt is simply stunning. I love the blocks and the mass of colour. The back is great, too!

  28. what a perfect title for a quilt! i love this quilt too, it is awesome! i love that you embraced it, it is all the better for it!

  29. This is beautiful! I've never done a bee, maybe I will...

  30. This is beautiful! I've never done a bee, maybe I will...

  31. hmm, I thought I left a comment already but I don't see it. Glad I bookmarked this to come back and take a closer look later! :) I love it, the colors, the loose design guidlines that lead to such a unique and fun creation. It's great.

  32. This is gorgeous! I need more patience to do more quilts! What is the Bee Tweet group? -kg

  33. I love it too. I think I want one.

  34. That quilt is gorgeous! I love a scrappy happy quilt and that loving friends helped make the blocks even better. I would love to be apart of a virtual quilting bee...that sounds so fantastic.

  35. What fun colors!
    I esp. love your dress that you wore to the summit.


  36. Your quilt is gorgeous! I need to get myself a virtual quilting bee together!

  37. Gorgeous, Erin! Loved seeing all you goof balls on the floor taking that photo at SS :)

  38. Oh my GOSH, that quilt looks amaaaaaaaazing!!! Also, might I ask what app you used for the blurred edges on the piggy picture? :)

  39. Wonderful quilt...awesome color...thanks for sharing.



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