Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Sewing Summit post, in letter form.

Dear Sewing Summit attendees:

I have been needing & wanting to blog about Sewing Summit for the past week, but every time I open a new post page I just sit and stare at the empty screen. I mean, where do I start? How do I sum up with just words and pictures how I felt about the whole weekend? I just can't.

In the mean time I've been reading through everyone else's blog posts that they've been linking up on the Sewing Summit blog post here. I love everyone's different perspectives on the weekend & what they did & their views of the classes & places they ate. So that's what I've decided to do here. You don't need a complete run down of the whole weekend, anyways, from start to finish, that's what all the other blog posts are for by the lovely friends that have written such great accounts of the weekend. All I can offer is my perspective, a kind of behind the scenes of Sewing Summit about what I loved and did and saw and felt.

(Warning: it's about to get long & picture heavy! :] )

The whole year prior to Sewing Summit Amy & I had been planning and scheming, but the week before things just got crazy. My whole front room was overtaken with boxes and supplies and swag and finally empty boxes had to start going out on the front porch so we could make it through our hallway.


Delivery! The path I once had to my desk is now blocked. @sewingsummit

Everyone in my family got in on helping me with different Sewing Summit tasks. Some were happier to help than others.

Grahm says: no more @sewingsummit boxes in my living room! ;]

This is what happens when you recruit husbands help in @sewingsummit projects!

The day before I finally forced myself to go out and do a few things for myself.

Trying to find some jeans.

Finally a second to breathe. @sewingsummit in full swing tomorrow.

When I checked into our hotel room on Thursday & saw this thank you card from the hotel staff it got really real. Loved working with Jonathan & Lois at Little America.


I looked out our window into the city that I love so much & just took a deep breath and thought, OK, this is it.

the view

The opening reception was so fun. I kept hearing "oh! I know you!".

Let's party! @sewingsummit

This group of crazies is special to me because we're all in a virtual quilting bee together - Bee Tweet. We had 8 of our 11 members there and had SO much fun together.

The best bee ever - #beetweet at @sewingsummit

Every time I rode up to our floor in the elevator I thought how awesome it was that just for one weekend all my favorite sewing & blogging friends were all living just a button's push away.

Just for one amazing weekend all my friends live here instead of in my computer. #sewingsummit

I loved getting to run & grab some quick take-out Friday night with these two girls. Jen had never been to Cafe Rio before and so Darci & I hooked her up with a big pork salad.

darci and jen

I went and peeked into the fat quarter swap sorting room & loved all this colorfulness going on - but loved even more all the girls lounged around on the hotel beds & couches knitting & chatting & Tweeting & laughing.

Who wants to swap htf fq's? #sewingsummit

On Saturday the class section kicked into high gear & since this was the part of the Summit I was more in charge of, I ran around like a crazy chicken for most of the day. Getting things in place here and making sure a laptop was connected there and making sure all the teachers had what they needed for their classes.

In between classes I tried to take a breath and loved peeking in on the different sessions going on.

Talking about the queen of blogging @thepioneerwoman in the social media blogging class #sewingsummit

Refashioning is so hip! @melissapher is darling & so creative!! #sewingsummit

So @heyporkchop is rocking her mini quilts class!! She's adorbs. #sewingsummit

I mean, can I admit that I was a little proud? To poke my head in a door and see this:

a class

Gorgeous, amazing, creative women all in one room learning from and inspiring each other? Taking a class at a conference that started as a little dream in my mind over a year ago and now was right there in front of my eyes? It was kind of all sorts of amazing.

Or to sneak in on this room as it was being set up and knowing that in just a few short hours it was going to be buzzing with chatter & laughter from people that had gathered from all over the country, even world, to support a little crazy idea that I had nurtured and grown and worked my ass off to make happen? Blows me away.


I love this group of girls.

One of my fav #sewingsummit pics - the girls from #beetweet on my #beetweet quilt

And this group of girls.

Another great picture of some of my fav girls at #sewingsummit

And all the other groups of girls that I didn't get pictures of / with. Seriously. I have no pictures of myself with anyone. Next year, please bug me to take a picture with you. Really.

And look at all these happy faces.  Everyone seemed to be having so much fun!  I wish I could have been everywhere & done everything that you all got to do.

happy diners

I knew that Jeni was going to be giving away a Kona color card to each of her students in her color theory class & I knew I wanted to be there for that. I was in the back of the room when Jeni's presentation ended and she said ... I'd like to thank Robert Kaufman for donating a Kona card for each of you ... and I'm not kidding, I died laughing when grown women jumped up out of their seats cheering & started hugging & high fiving each other. It was so fun!

Thank you @robertkaufman for the 80 kona cards for @jenib320 class! Huge hit!! #sewingsummit

I loved the sewing room. A place that each night lots of us gathered to chat and snack and laugh, I mean, look at all this awesomeness going on in the sewing room Saturday night. (Click on the picture to see a large version). Huge, huge thanks to Gretchen and Mckenzie from BabyLock and Terry from Cotton Shops for supporting us on that idea.


I loved our office & how crazy & insane it was and how it was a huge dumping ground for all sorts of sewing supplies & fabric & food & computers & ironing boards & make up & boxes. I think that the staff at the Little America was totally confused at our conference & all the odd sewing stuff we had.

the office

I loved my dress I had for the opening reception but wish it wasn't in the same color palate as the hotels somewhat-dated color scheme.

I feel like my dress blends in with the wallpaper & carpet.

I really, REALLY loved this, but it's special & gets a post all it's own. :]

Fresh out of the dryer! @frecklemama the quilting looks AMAZING! #sewingsummit

So what else can I say but thank you?  Thank you for believing in us.  Thank you for leaving your husbands and kids and families and jobs and other obligations for a weekend to be with us.  Thank you for coming together with excitement and support for each other and making the idea of the Sewing Summit a reality.

Amy & I worked hard this past year to get the details & schematics in order for Sewing Summit to take place, but YOU all made it happen.  With each excited tweet we saw about Sewing Summit, it made all the late nights worth it.  With each notification that another ticket had been sold, it made the sacrifices our families were taking a little easier to swallow.  We believe in this online sewing community, and are so humbled and happy to have provided a place to help take it to the next level - to witness the internet come alive - to help the real life connections happen - to see people we love and admire and respect and adore in real life.  In the flesh.  It. was. amazing.

Gah!  I don't want to cheese it up.  Can I just say - see you all next year!?

Love, Erin


  1. Erin thank you. I couldn't come to the sewing summit but all these posts have made me feel like I was there.

    I am saving already for next year *hugs*

  2. I wasn't able to attend but it looks absolutely wonderful. Thank you and congratulations to you and Amy! You deserve at least a weekend at a spa to recover :)

  3. Made me a little teary to read that- it was such an awesome weekend. Loved it all and you and Amy did such a fabulous job pulling it all together.

    And I have a picture of you and me- will send it to you.

  4. Yeaah, so got teary too! :) Such a wonderful weekend, thank you Erin!

    I think the Kona cards had magical powers on them, everyone became an excited kid on Christmas morning! That was so fun! ;)

  5. Great post Erin! Thank YOU for working so hard to make this event happen. Without you and Amy, we'd never have been only a button away from each other :) It was a fantastic experience! Can't wait for next year! xoxo

  6. No Erin, thank YOU and Amy for putting it all together!!! You ladies provided me with what is likely one of the most wonderful and memorable weekends ever. More importantly, you facilitated the making of so many great new friends who I can now keep in touch with on a more personal and meaningful level. It meant so much to meet like-minded people who share my passion for stitching and really understand and share my lunacy for fabric and creativity.

    Keep up the great work and I'll see you ladies next year!!!

  7. i got teary and i didn't even go! i can't wait to go next year though! can't wait!

  8. You and Amy did a fantastic job! I can't thank you enough for working so hard to make your dream a reality for so many wonderful, amazing, inspiring women. Not only did TSS give me a chance to meet some longtime "friends" for the first time, but it helped me feel that I am a part of something much larger than just myself and my sewing machine. Coming together, even for just a weekend, was more than I imagined it would be and I can't wait to do it again next year!

  9. such a great post! I hope you take at least a few weeks to breathe :)

  10. **standing ovation**

    you and amy are amazing and we're all glad you took a dream each of us have had at one point and helped us realize it! So glad to know IRL too! xoxo

  11. All of your work was so worth it. You and Amy created something so special. It's been awesome to read and re-read all of the recaps. SS affected us all in many ways, but the most important way, is that it brought the community closer. You rock, Erin!

  12. From all the wonderful comments I've read, it looks like you organised a truly amazing event, congratulations :o)

  13. Thank you for everything you and Amy did! It was a wonderful weekend and you guys thought of every detail. Can't wait for next year!

  14. I love your presentation!!!! I was not able to get to Utah this year but you really did make the case for next year :o)

    Great job and I hope to see you next year!!!!!

  15. thanks to YOU, Erin, it was wonderful, amazing, great - you get the point :-)
    hope to see you next time, too,

  16. Looks like fantastic fun, and from all the reports we've been hearing, you did an amazing job creating a memorable event!

  17. Kudos to you and Amy. You SHOULD feel proud.

  18. Thanks to you and Amy for putting on a great show... The first time I saw you you were in the coffee shop ordering salads, but you looked so elated, and happy and EXHAUSTED, that I didn't want to bother you. :)

    And PS-- I loved your dress.

  19. wow - sounds like a fabulous weekend - do you guys want to come to australia for your next one !

  20. I can not convey to you just how sad I was to not be there. From all the posts i've been reading everyone had such a fun time and I feel like i'll never have an opportunity to see so many faces in one spot again. I really hope there are many more to come and that everyone will make the journey again. And I'm not sure if I said on Instagram, but I LOVED your dress for opening night. It was really beautiful!

  21. Congratulations! Sounds like a success. xo



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