Friday, September 16, 2011

Mug Rug Madness - Sara from SewSara

Really quickly I wanted to shout out to two different blogs that have interviewed me recently - I am so flattered! Yesterday Angie from Stitching by Starlight included me in her fun 10 for 10 series she's doing with different bloggers - I was so excited when she asked me to participate! Read my interview with Angie here, and there's even a giveaway involved so make sure you enter :]

Then today Generation Q magazine posted a joint interview they did with Amy and I about The Sewing Summit (with some other fun stuff thrown in there too). I love what Generation Q is doing for the online sewing blogging community and I was again so flattered (and a little nervous) to talk to them & have my quotes out there for everyone to read. If you've ever wondered why we spell Grahm's name the way we do, and for some other information on Sewing Summit, read the interview here. :]


Now on to some Mug Rug goodness! We have a double whammy today - for some reason yesterday Blogger didn't want to accept my post about Sara's awesome Mug Rug - so today we get 2!!

First up, Sara from SewSara. I am so glad I found Sara's blog a few months ago and then have had the chance to have met her in person a few times now too! She is so fun and the Mug Rug she created for the tutorial is her first Mug Rug ever - can you believe it? I love how she went outside the "rectangular" box and created a fun hexagonial shaped Mug Rug for us!

Visit SewSara to get the full Mug Rug holiday edition tutorial here and see what the finished Mug Rug looks like! Make sure to leave her lots of comment love!

I'll be back in a few hours with the 2nd tutorial of the day!


Make sure you to comment on this giveaway post for a chance to win one of the great Mug Rugs featured in the Mug Rug Madness holiday edition tutorials or a charm pack prize pack from Fat Quarter Shop!



  1. You and I have a similar "desire" sew clothes. Does the idea intimidate you the way it does me?

  2. I loved the interview and am dying to see the Cousin It Pouch. Could you point me to it on your blog? I searched but to no avail. :-)



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