Monday, August 29, 2011

Vote For Me? I love Salt Lake City

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I am from Salt Lake City, Utah, and can't imagine a better place to grow up. When I got married to a California boy & moved to Orange County, I missed Utah. Not only my family, but the mountains, the change of seasons, yes, even the snowy winters. The way we ended up back in Utah was a total fluke - Marc was recruited by a company here for a great job totally out of the blue. They didn't know he had any ties to Utah or that his wife was from here. It just came at the right time & we were happy to take the fork in the road of life.

Utah is an amazing place - the people are nice, the weather is great, it has a great restaurant & music scene, and the mountains! How can you not mention the mountains? The view from our upstairs is breathtaking:

the view

This summer I was excited to be part of the Salt Lake City Summer Crew - a program put on by the SLC Visitors Bureau to promote Salt Lake & all the fun stuff you can do here in the summer. Everyone thinks of Utah as a winter destination (well, we do have the best snow on earth!) but the summers are pretty amazing, too.

We spent the past 12 weeks doing challenges & trekking around to different locations around the city to discover the fun & different things our city offers. The boys & I have had a great time finding out about new stuff as well as rediscovering some of our old favorite things to do in Salt Lake.

About to ride this thing to about 11000 feet. photo 1.JPG
On the tram. Waiting on the train. #slc #slcsummer12

Our final challenge was to create a video to highlight our favorite thing about Salt Lake & to get people to vote on it. I'd LOVE to win & would really appreciate your vote - I've had a great time this summer spreading the love about Salt Lake City & winning would cap off an amazing summer of fun!

You can watch the video & vote for me here on Facebook (you can vote once per day!)

Thanks so much!


  1. Cool video... where can I get me some cute little boys like that???



  2. Erin, your pics are just wonderful! especially the first one with the mountains... such a wonderful landscape, i just can´t wait to get a glimpse of it in October.
    thanks for sharing and good luck with your voting!!

  3. Hmm...Orange County, huh? I grew up in So Cal and went to UCI. Glad you got to return to a place you love so!

  4. Hey - Shavy Jones made the video cut.




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