Thursday, August 4, 2011

End of Summer Round Up

Mason started Kindergarten yesterday & we've been so busy the last few weeks finishing up our summer & trying to fit in as much fun as we can before it's back to school time. Our school is on a Year Round schedule which is why our first day of school is so early in the summer. Here's a couple of the fun things we've been doing:

Sailing night. I am lots more nervous than I look. Very windy out tonight.

Grumpy McGrumper Pants - Grahm did not want to go sailing

Sailing on our community lake. Marc had to take a short class in order to be able to do the sail boats on the lake so we've been going out with him for him to be able to practice. Grahm is not a fan of the life vest if you couldn't tell by his Grumpy McGrumperson face.

Making buttons ... Only 240 more to go! ;]

I recovered 2 of our kitchen chairs. #DIY

Some DIY stuff ... I'm not sewing a ton lately but that doesn't mean I'm not being crafty. I recovered 2 of our kitchen chairs with this fun IKEA home dec fabric & I'm making tons of these fabric covered buttons for The Sewing Summit attendees. (Does anyone have any bright, fun 2.5" squares they could part with? My scrap piles have pretty much been picked over for this project!)

Found him sleeping on top of his vent in between his bed and the wall under the window. Sigh.

We changed Grahm's crib into a toddler bed, which is great but allows him to take his nap anywhere he wants sometimes.

My favorite dish at Wabi Sabi - scorpion roll ! #slcsummer12

Custard for lunch!

Eating good sushi and lots of custard. I have been in love with custard from this burger place by us ... frozen custard is SO good (maybe not good FOR you, but so good!). Like super thick, super creamy ice cream.

Skype date with the grandparents

And some Face Time dates with the Grandparents. To see my 4 year old being so comfortable with and such a whiz at technology is just amazing!

I hope your summer is going great, and I'll be back tomorrow with a fun tutorial using my new Accuquilt GO! cutter.


  1. that picture of him with the laptop on his lap with his hands behind his head cracked me up. i bet his gramma and grampa loved that.

  2. I could go through my scraps and cut out some 2.5" squares for you, I can bring them to Craft Lake City with me :)

  3. i have some 2.5 inch squares ive been cutting altely from my scraps...let me know if you still need them! i love making those buttons too!

  4. me if you still want 2.5" squares and I'll stick some in the mail! - Allison

  5. Congrats to Mason. Did he love his first day? How did you do? xo

  6. What a great post! I love that chair - and the photo of your son using 'face time'!

  7. So true! Penelope was playing with the ipad and she was doing things I didn't even know how to do :)

  8. My Mason starts Kindergarten on Wednesday. Sigh... Not only am I wondering where the summer has gone, I'm amazed at the toothless grin that meets me every day. How did they get so big??



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