Wednesday, July 13, 2011

32 things in review - my birthday goals list revisited

Pretty Summersault Fat Quarters

Last year I started making a list on my 31st birthday, of 32 things I wanted to do before I turned 32 (tomorrow).  I have been revisiting the list over the past few weeks as my birthday approached and am, depending on when you ask me, both happy and sad about the things that I have completed & not completed off my list.

Here's my original list, with notes and additions in italics.

1. reupholster & refinish my blue side-of-the-road-find chair -I bought some County Fair home dec weight fabric for this chair and can't find it ANYWHERE in my house! It might have gone to Goodwill by accident. Will have to figure out what new fabric I want for it.
2. go away with Marc somewhere for our 10 year wedding anniversary in September -We went and stayed downtown at Hotel Monaco for 2 nights
3. make a quilt for our bed -this is in the works. I'm a commitment-phobe when it comes to a quilt that is going to live permanently on my bed!
4. grow my business -I have been making some big changes
5. pull off something biiiigggg with a friend -This time last year we hadn't announced The Sewing Summit yet. Now it's less than 3 months away!
6. eat healthier -We are all totally eating healthier and I'm getting ready to run a 1/2 marathon in September!
7. read the Harry Potter books -Nope, not my thing
8. blog the Encyclopedia of Me -Nope, still have this in the works, though
9. clean out the master closet -yup, one random day in the winter I overhauled our closet. Still need to buy some more wood hangers though
10. be published -In the works!
11. clean out/organize/repaint the laundry room -Partly done, still deciding on if I want to paint it or not
12. design & craft a Family Rules board -Decided I didn't want to do this
13. buy myself a new camera -Nope
14. finish Mason's quilt -Sadly, not yet
15. mail some stuff that is long overdue
16. own a complete 1/2 yard set of Katie Jump Rope -So close!
17. make a good Dance Party playlist -Yup! We have a great iPod playlist as well as an awesome Pandora station just for Dance Party
18. make the book of Grahm's Weeklies -Nope
19. have a German Christmas
20. make Marc a quilt -In the works! Bought a fat quarter stack of fabrics for it
21. feed the ducks in the park -We did!
22. blog more regularly -This is debatable, but I have been making a big effort! When you've been blogging for 13 years you go through periods of ups and downs ;]
23. be a better friend -Always trying
24. send my Thank You notes -Always trying to
25. finish watching seasons 2 and 3 of Veronica Mars -finished October 12th
26. read The Lost Encyclopedia -Not yet
27. get a new cell phone -new iPhone 4 in September
28. bake cinnamon rolls from scratch -Lots of times over the winter!
29. be halfway through a Project 365 -Yes! Although I am still way behind on posting my pictures from June
30. decide on a color for Marc to paint our bed he built -I've decided on a color, now we just need to do it!
31. host book club at my house -No. My poor book club, I keep having Quilt Guild fall on the same night
32. take more pictures with my regular camera -Off and on I do
33. H.E.L.P. Marc, Mason & Grahm -Continuously :]

So 21 out of 32 isn't too terribly bad. And some things I decided that I just didn't want to do or weren't a priority anymore. I think I will revisit this list and make a new list sometime next week, 33 things to do before I turn 33 :]


  1. I love the idea of a list like this and I'd say that 21 out of 32 isn't bad at all. I turned 31 a month ago and have been feeling a little lost maybe a list like this would be a good idea!

  2. good job with your list and thanks for the inspiration - I'm definately going to make a list for next year

  3. Nobody says you have to have only one quilt for your bed, I'm trying to make at least one for each season! :)

  4. I'd say you made a great dent!

    My 32nd birthday is today. I don't think I accomplished anything super spectacular in my 31st year!

  5. I luv this idea...I'm 1/2 way thru my 31st year... and am thinking I'll make a list just before my birthday in December!

    Thanks for sharing your list!! :) Sarah

  6. Don't know what you're looking for and don't know their total inventory, but my LQS still has some KJR!

  7. This is such a great idea to do, Erin! I'll have to think of some things to jot down for my next birthday (the big 3-0!).

    Happy birthday, by the way. =)

  8. What a list and congratulations on completing so much of it. Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

  9. Happy Birthday gorgeous girl! x

  10. Hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday Erin! :)

  11. Happy birthday, Erin! I would say you've accomplished a lot this past year. Here's to an even greater 33rd year!

  12. What a fun idea! 13 years of blogging, holy cow. And we are almost exactly a year and two weeks apart in age. Fun. I love the list. I might have to make a "32 things to do before I turn 32 list." Congrats!



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