Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summa Summa Summa time

On Monday I blogged about how it was awesome that it was finally summer weather & how the temperatures had been so nice. All day Tuesday it rained and thundered and was black skies. What the what?!

A beautiful night for a walk around the lake! @visitsaltlake @daybreakut

Tonight it was back to being nice - so Marc and I decided to take Grahm on a walk in our neighborhood to get some dinner and take a walk around the lake. Mason was getting to spend the night up at my parents house - he loves to "camp out" in their motorhome in the driveway!

Grahm dipping udon noodles in soy sauce like a pro

We walked over to Wabi Sabi first since we were starving. Marc & I both love sushi but we weren't sure what to expect taking Grahm there. We got a few rolls & then decided we better get something kid-safe so got some Udon noodles with chicken and veggies. This kid. He grabbed at the rolls the second they were set down on our table & proceeded to chow down on my tempura shrimp, avocado and lemon roll. Maybe it was the bright orange caviar that was on top? It was hilarious - our waiter was cracking up, he said he had never seen a kid as young as Grahm gobbling up sushi like that.

He did end up eating some noodles too & wanted his own little bowl of soy sauce to dip them in just like us.

When we left the restaurant the boys walked over to the swings & I ran into the bakery next door to get a mint brownie for me and a peanut butter rice krispie treat for Marc. So delicious. :]

Grahm & I on the swings after a sushi dinner

Grahm was loving the swings and I had to join in with him - what is it about swinging on a warm summer night that just makes you feel so carefree?

I LOVE where I live!! Out on a walk for my SLC Summer Crew challenge. #slcsummercrew12

Then we walked over to the lake to burn off some of those calories from dinner - such a nice night! There were so many people out biking, kayaking, running, canoeing, fishing, walking, chatting ... a couple was there taking their engagement pictures ... little kids were out riding their bikes with training wheels ... I seriously felt like I was walking around in Pleasantville. Or a real-life commercial for our neighborhood, which, incidentally, was pretty true to life tonight:

How can you not be a little happier when you look around and are surrounded by this beautiful view?

The lake

One thing's for sure, summertime in Utah is just the best! This is going to be a great one!

P.S. See that awesome hat I'm sporting in the picture up there? It's my official Salt Lake City Summer Crew hat! A small group of local bloggers was chosen by the Visit Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau to do fun activities this summer and blog, Facebook, & tweet about them and I was lucky enough to be included. I was already a huge enthusiast about Salt Lake City and now you're going to hear about it even more. :] Learn more about the Summer Crew, meet my fellow crew members, and see my little bio & picture at our Facebook page here.


  1. I loved reading more about SLC. It's beautiful and your neighborhood looks charming. So awesome to have such amazing scenery right in front of you every day!
    The sushi cracked me up. My daughter hasn't tried that but she'll try anything if you tell her it's spicy!
    You SLC Summer Crew sounds fun!

  2. my two year old loves sushi! she's been gobbling up salmon sashimi since she was about 9 months old!

  3. love your photos! looks like a super fun time with the fam.

  4. Pepper eats sushi too! (She's about 1yr+) Intro them early and they'll love it. Same way with dim sum!! yum yum!

  5. Oh I am so jealous of your Pleasentville! And the warm weather.

  6. What awesome scenery! And, yes, there is something about swings that really bring out the kid in us. I still love theml..though I don't jump out of them at top speed like I used to... LOL!

  7. Love this post! What a great view inside a gorgeous day and a peek inside your day, too.

    Love the pic of you guys on the swing!

  8. Aren't perfect summer nights the best? Looks like you guys had a great time. After 95 degrees all last week, I was pleasantly surprised to be cold on an early morning bike ride this morning :)



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