Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The second boy

If my blog is ever looked at by my boys when they're older then Grahm might have cause to do a little complaining - Mason was the first born & he is definitely featured and pictured more often then his younger brother is.

(about six months old)

So I thought Grahm deserved a blog post all of his own. Get ready for lots of pictures!

happy boy

The thing about Grahm is he's SUCH a happy boy. But as happy as he gets, he gets equally as angry.

not real pleased.

When he's upset or doesn't like something - he'll let you know. And you'll know by the grumpy look on his face. Right now he's almost 2 and I just know that his "terrible twos" are going to be so challenging for both him & I. He's so strongly opinionated.

smiley G

A funny note about Grahm's name. Marc and I were deciding on names for our 2nd boy, and both really liked Graham. But I kept joking that I didn't like the word "ham" in one of my sons names, because I've always hated the word "ham". (LOVE actual ham, though!). So we decided to switch up the name and spell it G-r-a-h-m instead. Come to find out, there was a Grahm College in Boston and there's also another cute little boy out there that spells it Grahm who's just a little older than our Grahm.

Waikiki beach

Grahm was only 2 months old when Marc had to go to Hawaii for work - so him and I tagged along to Waikiki and spent a good week on the beach just the two of us while Marc was in meetings. I love that we had that week alone together when he was so little.

Grahm thinks puddles are the best! I think I'll just sit here on the table with my lime. - 143.365
He is in heaven in the sandbox. G

Grahm is the funniest little guy who is up for anything. He's trying the best he can to keep up with his older brother, too, who he adores, and will do anything and everything Mason does.

brotherly love

And you can see that the adoration has been shared pretty much from day 1.


  1. What a cutie, good looking boy

  2. Oh, what a sweetie pie... and the newborn photo with his brother is priceless!

  3. So cute. What precious boys. Love the pictures- thanks for sharing Erin!

  4. Crap he's cute. I love that he's cranky. I have a thing for cranky kids. Especially ones that sit on a table with a lime...

  5. They are too cute! :) That is just the best story behind Grahm's name! :)

  6. Well, he definitely deserved his own whole blog post! He is adorable!

  7. You can always tell Grahm that when you were choosing names, you decide that you and Marc had four letter names and you decided he and Mason needed five letter names. :-)

    I totally understand the comment about Grahm being so happy. When my Mason was a baby, people used to say, "He's such a happy baby!" to which I replied, "Except when he's NOT."



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