Thursday, May 26, 2011

A little sewing - pincushion swap & a Jane bag

So I'm still composing my Quilt Market recap post(s) in my head -- I took so many pictures that editing them all and blogging them is kind of a daunting task. Plus you can pretty much see what I did the whole weekend by reading the posts that the people I hung out with wrote - it's been funny for me to spot myself in a bunch of different pictures all around blogland. And there's been so much more going on this week, like Mason's preschool graduation! I'll be blogging that, too, at some point! ;]

In the mean time here's a few things that I've sewn lately. I also have a quilt finished to blog, but will save that for another post.

I LOVE my friends in that Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild. We have such a great group of smart, talented and fun people. At our May meeting we had decided to do a pincushion swap - everyone that wanted to join in brought a handmade pincushion in a brown paper bag and then we did a swap (a Yaaaaaaaannnkee swap! - name that quote!)

in the works

I was dying to use some of the cute Little Apples fabric I had gotten in the 2.5" charm pack at market, so I set to work making some tiny patchwork that I was envisioning going on the top of a mason jar. Well once I got the tiny (1.5" squares!) sewn together - the piece was still to big to be used on the top of the mason jar how I had pictured it, so I made the patchwork piece into a simple square pincushion with a button center and decided to make a 2nd pincushion with the mason jar, and some of the fat eighth pack of Little Apples I had bought at sample spree!

mason jar pincushion

I had wanted the mason jar to be able to open so you could store stuff inside, but once the fiberfill and the top fabric was on the top of the jar, the jar couldn't open and close easily - so I compromised again and put some cute scraps of the fabric in the mason jar, filled it with more fiberfill, and then glued the top on. So, it's just a decorative jar, not a useful one. :[

Little Apples pincushion back of pincushion

In the end I think both of them turned out cute and my friend Kati, who ended up with them, liked them a lot - enough to steal them from someone else on her turn! ;] Funnily enough I ended up with the pincushion that Kati had made - a cute apple that I just realized I haven't taken a picture of yet! You can kind of see it right in the middle of this picture, along with all the other pincushions that were made for our swap.

SLMQG pincushion swap

The other thing I have sewn recently is my Jane Market Bag. I had been seeing so many cute versions of this easy bag that I had to make one for myself to take to Quilt Market. I had a hunch that I'd have lots of stuff to carry around and boy was I right!

My Jane bag

I was so happy with how easily this bag came together. It's a really great pattern - you can get it here. There's so many different versions of the Jane out there the hardest part of the pattern was picking out which fabrics to use! If I make it again I'll make the straps a little bit longer, that was the only part that I wish had been a little different. I used medium weight interfacing throughout and like that it gave me a sturdy, yet still slouchy, bag (just like I like them!).

My Jane bag

My Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway is open for a few more hours - so go enter here if you haven't already!


  1. It always makes me happy when you mention Mason because I have a Mason too.

    Love your pincushions. Why you think we have a fondness for those jars? :-)

  2. Our guild swap was so much fun in Portland you all made some cute ones!

  3. The bag is super cute! I love the fabric you used (though I'm sure it was a difficult decision ;).

  4. Your right the SL MQG is a lot of fun with a talented group. Your pincushions are darling.

  5. The bag is pretty and love the pin cushions!!!



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