Saturday, April 16, 2011

new Denyse Schmidt fabric at JoAnns

Have you seen the new line of fabrics that Denyse Schmidt designed for JoAnns yet?  It's awesome ... I must admit.  I would have stopped to look if I had walked by it at JoAnns even if I didn't know it was Denyse Schmidt's new line because it's great colors & great prints and I kind of love all 21 prints. The Flickr and blog world went a little crazy with excitement over one of our favorite designers creating something for a big box retailer. Lots of big names do lines for Target - so why not in the fabric world too?!

my first stack

This is the stack that I started out with this week.  Word on the street is that it's going to be continually available at JoAnns so I'm hoping that it will be there for awhile and it's not getting all bought up and the price is going to become inflated like happened with Flea Market Fancy and even now Katie Jump Rope.

Denyse Schmidt for JoAnns

I bought a few yards of the green and blue plaid because it's a great print for some shorts for some little boys I know.  :]  And I've even started cutting up some of the rest of it already to make a bright spring table topper / table runner for my kitchen.

I couldn't help myself

There's a great Flickr Group dedicated to the new line where there's lots of pretty pictures and listings of which stores the fabric has been spotted at. It seems to be trickling into stores across the country slowly but surely so next time you're at JoAnns you need to see if it's there in yours!


  1. isn't at my JoAnn's yet. Sometimes we never get the good stuff! Glad you got it!

  2. The colors are really cheerful! Do you like the quality of the fabric? I'm going to check my joann's tomorrow to see if they have those! :) Have a great day!

  3. I need to get to JoAnne's... thanks for the head's up!

  4. I just went back to JoAnn's today - still not dots or argyl-y/flowers or yellow, but I've got a good start. I'll keep checking back for those. If JoAnn's is smart, they'll keep printing. :)



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