Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little Boy Tie Tutorial Roundup

So Easter is coming up quickly this year ... do you have a tie for your little boy yet? I love little boys in ties - and making them lets me use some of my fun fabrics on my two boys!

Ties are relatively quick and easy to make so if you still need one for Easter Sunday you should be able to sew one up in just a few hours. They don't take much material and are super cute. There's tons of free tutorials online, here's just a few of them that I found. I've used a few of them before, as noted.


I love the look of my little guys in bow ties! They're fast and easy to make and look so cute with a polo or button down shirt. Here's some tutorials for bowties:

♦ The quick and easy bowtie tutorial I've used a bunch of times from A Lemon Squeezy Home.
♦ A gorgeous DIY tutorial for a bowtie from Miss P.
♦ A darling clip-on option from Mommy Minutes.
♦ A no sew (!) bowtie tutorial from Kate Anfinson.



in a bowtie


There's lots of variations for neckties too! They take a little longer than bowties but you can still get them finished in just a few hours. There's lots of options for materials and sizes, so you can make a whole bunch for all your guys from infant up to Dad! Here's some of the best kid necktie tutorials:

♦ A cute version from The Purl Bee
♦ The Little Man tie tutorial from Very Homemade is the one I've used before - it comes in a few different sizes.
♦ A necktie with elastic that can slip on over the head from Little Bit Funky.
♦ A hip color block necktie option from The Sewing Rabbit.
♦ A very thorough Terrific Ties tutorial & .pdf from Fishsticks Design.

Throwing elbows - 114.365

tie 3

tie 1

Mason on Easter

Let me know if you make a tie for your little guy!


  1. thanks for the links! i know a little guy that needs a tie and this makes looking for the tutorial very simple!

  2. Oh, I wish when my boys were little, that the interwebs had been as evolved as they are now...I'd have loved to make them these ties! Those look great - love your fabrics.
    Jacque in SC

  3. What an absolute doll!! I love the bow tie and the big boy ties....they are so cute!! Stumbled across your blog today, so glad I did :o)



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