Friday, March 25, 2011

Mug Rug Madness - the WHEN of Mug Rugs

Last time I talked about the WHAT of Mug Rugs .... today I wanted to show you WHEN exactly a Mug Rug can be used in your house. To do that, I get to show off my fun little collection of Mug Rug's I've amassed and tell you where they live in my house - some of the ways I use them might surprise you!

I made myself this one. Katie Jump Rope is my very favorite fabric line and it makes me happy every time I look at it.  It currently lives with my laptop, because I use it as a traveling mousepad for my wireless mouse. That way I can be on the laptop on the couch or on the floor with my boys and still have a smooth place to be able to use my mouse. (I hate trackpads).

My Mug Rug collection - I made this one

This cute puppy was made for me by John / Quilt Dad for a private Twitter Mug Rug swap. I love the bunny and the decorative stitching on it! It currently lives underneath the lamp in my sewing room.

My Mug Rug Collection - John made me this one

This awesome one was made for me by Brooke / April Two Eighty in the Spicing Up The Kitchen swap on Flickr. It's currently my favorite Mug Rug in the house, so it's hung up in my sewing room on the wall by my other mini-quilts.

My Mug Rug collection - Brooke made me this one

I also made myself this one. It's in the same colors as the Sewing Summit logo and it's on my computer desk to hold my diet Cokes that I'm drinking at midnight while I'm up working on Sewing Summit stuff. Perfect. :]

My Mug Rug collection - I made this one

Brenda made me this one in a swap on Flickr. I love the pieced apple and the fabrics she used. Plus the stitching is amazing! It currently lives on my kitchen counter underneath my Scentsy candle burner thingy.

My Mug Rug collection - Brenda made me this one

This one was made for me by Ryan / I'm Just a Guy Who Quilts also from a Twitter swap. I looove the aqua and red Bliss, and this one is often-used in my house as it sits on a side table in my family room for drinks and sippy cups. This one also has the lead role in it's own Mug Rug tutorial on Ryan's blog!

My Mug Rug Collection - Ryan made me this one

Sue made me this one, again from a private swap set up on Twitter. I told her I loved blues and greens and she knocked it out of the park! She was also super smart and did the turn-and-topstitch method so she didnt' have to mess with a teensy and sometimes frustrating binding. This one lives in my sewing room to hold my drinks and treats for when I'm working.

My Mug Rug Collection - Sue made me this one

I hope this gives you some ideas on how you can use Mug Rugs in your house - other than the obvious to hold your hot or cold drink & a treat! I have really found their size to be perfect for so many things when a coaster is just too small and a placemat or table runner too big.  Plus they're just such fun little pops of design and color.


If you're making any Mug Rugs from the tutorials featured this week, make sure to add them to the Mug Rug Madness Flickr group so we can all see them!

Also, if you haven't entered in the giveaway yet, go to the official giveaway post and leave a comment for a chance to win any of the fantastic Mug Rugs being featured this week on the Tutorial Posts.

See you in the morning with a GREAT tutorial from the Queen of Mug Rug's herself! ;]


  1. I haven't yet made an offical mug rug, so I'm encouraged and looking forward to making one! Maybe even a dozen!

  2. Love the photos and enjoying looking at Flickr. I think my next one will be a hexagon, I make two right away to have one on had my DH got the first
    one I made.

  3. Just finished looking at all of the posts and am very interested in making some of these. They are so cute and useful. VBG

  4. Ho ho ho! I love this. I'm going to print it off and leave it lying around so when my husband next says "why?" I can show him!
    Do you think I can siz them up to make place mats?

  5. Those are all super-cute! I really have to get started on a mug rug! Thank you for the show. :- )


  6. Wow! You have quite the collection! I especially love the one by April Two Eighty!

  7. Lovely to see some of your wonderful collection and how you use them.

  8. can never have too many mug rugs! Love your collection!

  9. KJR is your favorite? My lqs still has a ton of it at about 9.00/yard - contact me if you want their info.

  10. if this is a duplicate I so sorry, I enjoyed looking at all the mug rugs and my family will get mug rugs for birthdays this year.

  11. Enjoyed looking at all the mug rugs. This will be Family and friends birthday presents



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