Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mug Rug Madness - Terri of Sew Fantastic

Tutorial #9 - Terri's scrappy color block Mug Rug

Next up is Terri from the blog Sew-Fantastic who has an amazing tutorial for us today ... how did she know that rectangles in quilting and things in Rainbow order were 2 of my very favorite things? I wish this adorable Mug Rug could come to live at my house!

(photo credit: Sew-Fantastic)

Go visit Terri's blog to get the full tutorial and make sure to leave her lots of comment love!


Remember to leave a comment on the official giveaway post here for a chance to win some of the gorgeous Mug Rug's we're featuring this week.

And if you've already made a Mug Rug from one of the tutorials featured this week, make sure to go join and post it in the Mug Rug Madness group on Flickr!

Also if you've missed any of the posts from Mug Rug Madness, you can always visit the static page here where they're all listed, and I keep updating daily! :]


  1. These mug rugs are all so different but each one of them makes me squeal.

  2. Love your blog. Love your lifting of your mugster friends.
    Perhaps the thrill of mug rugs/placemats is they pack a quick punch of love. Daily reminders of someone's hands & creative mind at work for you. Back in high school (35yrs ago... ach!) I made pieced and quilted placemats for my grandparents. They could not believe it. It was a daily, simple (and no gushy words for this Grandpa) message "You are worth this creation and my time. I Love You."
    Thank you for sharing. Sorry I forgot I was not posting on my blog...;)

  3. This is my favorite so far but each day it keeps changing. Thanks for doing the mug rug madness.

  4. Inspiring! Can't wait to work on mine!



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