Friday, March 18, 2011

Mug Rug Madness starts on Monday!

I've been gearing up for Mug Rug Madness all week and can I just say - we are all in for a TREAT! As I previously said March 21st - 31st is going to be Mug Rug Madness on my blog! 11 days of all Mug Rugs - all the time. :] I have rounded up 11 of my awesome sewist friends to put together brand new original tutorials for you and I will have instructional posts - informative posts - and links on the who, what, when, where and why of Mug Rugs. And it wouldn't be MADNESS without a giveaway or two (or ten!), right?

Here's a few sneak peeks of some of the goodness that is to come, and make sure that you follow my blog through Google Friend Connect or your own RSS reader so you don't miss any of the posts (there's going to be a post every single day, and most days will have two posts!)

Mug Rug Madness
(photo credit: JeniB)

mug rug madness peek!
(photo credit: mrsmcporkchop)

sneak peak - 69:365
(photo credit: stitches&scissors)

a sneak peak for Mug Rug Madness
(photo credit: Fussy Cut)

under the umbrella process

(photo credit: Sew Take A Hike)

There's also a new Mug Rug Madness group on Flickr - feel free to join and start posting any pictures of mug rug's you make - for yourself - for a gift - for a swap - or any of the tutorials that go up next week. I'll be choosing great pictures from the Flickr group to feature on my site.

Can't wait until Monday!


  1. Looking forward to the madness.... love me some mug rugs!

  2. How exciting, I just had to follow so's not to miss out on all the tutorials! Great idea, TFS.

  3. Can't wait! :-)).
    HAve a great weekend.

  4. it will be fun! I've already got some thoughts on the one I HAVE to make for a friend. Way better than basketball, in my opinion. ;)

  5. OK I am going to admit something that may seem odd to some people...I have never made a Mug Rug...I know shocking huh? Now you know just how much I am looking forward to this Mug Rug Madness!

  6. Oh man I am sew totally looking forward to this!

  7. Cant wait for the madness!!! So excited. i know I will be checking every day. Thank you again for offering and setting up to help us be good at it:):):)

    Ann Flowers

  8. Yay, sounds like fun ... can't wait!

  9. I'm in the process of making an Easter mug rug for a swap today, so I was excited to see this post! I'll be following along and joining the Flickr group too!

    What fun!


  10. Wow! It hasn't even started yet and there are loads of great mug rugs in the Flikr group! Can't wait :o)

  11. I LOVE mug rugs... made a set for mom, a set for each daughter, one for a sister, a set for an online friend, a single one for a swap and today, finally, one for myself! Can't wait to see what you post!

  12. I have been so drawn to mug rugs since I first saw them, so I am going to join in on this adventure! Sounds like fun, and I'm looking forward to your tutorials. Thanks!

  13. ok - fun! i'll totally be reading. i need to be kicked in the pants to make one of these already!! you should see my messy tables!! haha.

  14. Which monday do you start...did I miss that day somewhere???

  15. I have yet to make a mug rug...I'm kinda in a sewing slump and can't seem to focus on anything. I thought a mug rug would be just the thing to get me going...something small and easy.



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