Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mug Rug Madness - Angela of Fussycut

Mug Rug Madness Tutorial #2: Angela's Bright Selvage Mug Rug

There are some blogs that I just refuse to read in an RSS reader because they're just too pretty and colorful and cheerful to NOT read "in person" (or with that nifty "Next" button in Google Reader). Angela's blog, Fussy Cut, is one of those that I just have to see for myself because she's always got the prettiest pictures and brightest projects. And of course the Mug Rug she created for Mug Rug Madness wouldn't be anything less!

a sneak peak for Mug Rug Madness
(photo credit: Angela - Fussy Cut)

Go visit Angela's blog to see what she did with this gorgeous pile of scraps and leave her lots of comment love, too!

Remember to leave a comment on the official giveaway post here for a chance to win some of the gorgeous Mug Rug's we're featuring this week.

Coming up later this afternoon: the WHAT of Mug Rug's. ;]


  1. Very cute! I am loving working with selvages right now, and will have to make one.

  2. Defiantly gonna jump into this one tonight! Cute!

  3. what a wonderful tutorial! i've been looking for mug rug ideas. i definitely want to try this.

  4. thanks for including me in me in Mug Rug Madness, Erin! I had so much fun making this selvedge mug rug and writing the tutorial. xx

  5. That cursive practice lettered fabric is amazing!!

  6. Both tutorials have been Fantastic! :) oh my gosh...the "Next" button...I didn't use my reader until I had that button! Love it! :)



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