Thursday, March 3, 2011

Around The Web

- Birthday week isn't until August (Mason and Grahms birthdays are in the same week, so we just have a joint full birthday week!) but I'm already thinking of an Angry Birds party - how cute is Natalies?

- I made these fried onion strings from The Pioneer Woman the other day. Wowzers - they were soo good. I may have fried up a few more for myself after the kids went to bed so I didn't have to share any more!

- I needed to send out some Thank You notes really quick and didn't have any on hand, I searched and found these adorable ones from Dandee Designs.


- I signed up to do a scrap swap on Sew Sara's blog. You can sign up through tomorrow (Friday) at midnight so you should join in! Pretty new scraps are the best!

- Speaking of scraps, how pretty is this scrappified hoodie? I think I need to find myself a white hoodie, stat!

- And I loved, loved, loved this "Be Bold Today" blog post from OMSH. What are you going to do today that's bold?!


  1. I just signed up for the scrap swap! Thanks for blogging about it. Sounds fun.

    Oh, those onion strings are insane. I made them for the superbowl and they were heavenly. I must make them again soon.

  2. i saw this on youtube the other day ... an angry birds cake!

    thanks for linking to the scrap swap! :) yay

  3. If I had any talent at all, an Angry Bird party would be awesome. I go to this blog often for recipes. A few weeks back she made this and I bet you could totally pull it off!



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