Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Night Thoughts

Making: these "sandwiches" for the boys tomorrow
Drinking: diet Coke
Reading: my RSS reader
Wanting: a Kona starter pack
Looking: at Pinterest
Playing: Fruit Ninja on my iPhone

Milk chin
(Grahm, asleep in his carseat)

Wasting: -
Sewing: about a million things: bee blocks, swap items
Wishing: I hadn't started ripping out that quilting again
Enjoying: my Nutella + salty crackers snack
Waiting: for my fabric to come in the mail
Liking: my heating blanket on my feet
Wondering: how I am going to ever start running
Loving: my new glasses
Hoping: this is really the time they make the Arrested Development movie
Marveling: at how good Grahm is getting at signing
Needing: this kink in my neck to go away
Smelling: the baby powder scented vaseline on my hands from when I put Grahm to bed

Donut run
(donuts from our trip to the bakery on Thursday)

Wearing: my sweaties
Following: Twitter
Noticing: I need to dust the baseboards
Knowing: I won't dust the baseboards for awhile
Thinking: of all I need to do for Sewing Summit
Bookmarking: these cookies to make sometime soon
Giggling: at the Star Wars VW commercial, the boys must have watched it 100x's this weekend
Feeling: tired


  1. Have you ever run before? If not, you may find C25K helpful. I also found that a garmin gps watch & helped motivate me - gotta love stats!

  2. those "sandwiches" look like something my kids would love.

    i'm drinking diet coke too :) (always)

    love your blog!

  3. LOVE Fruit Ninja but if you want to try something else...Islash is pretty fun too!!!

    Hope all is well! Very cute post BTW!

  4. We can run together! Let me know when you want to hit the gym. xo



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