Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Sewing Room : a tour

This past Sunday morning I looked at my stash of fabric and got annoyed at how they were all haphazardly folded and stacks were falling over. I had folded them all nicely awhile ago, but with sewing and pulling them out and sticking them back in, they had gotten messy. I thought, "hmm, Jeni just did some awesome videos of how to fold fabrics, I think I'll look at those and try out that method of folding."

my favorite pieces

So then suddenly it's about 7 hours later in the afternoon. My sewing room is an absolute disaster area because folding fabric had turned into moving my desks around and that turned into moving some DVD shelves in because they fit fabric perfectly and that has turned into moving my other shelves to another wall.

At the end of the day, I had this:

rearranged sewing room

I don't have a good before picture, but this set up is way more efficient then I had before. I love my cutting table being right next to my sewing machine in the L shape.

favorite stash / sewing desk / cutting table

On the opposite wall is another desk that I put my laptop on when I'm working in my sewing room. My thread holder might need to move, it's still hanging where it was when my sewing machine was right next to it.

computer / writing desk

I have this awesome wooden crate that I store my works-in-progress in. I have a thing for pears and Marc saw this guy on the side of the road for me one day and flipped around to bring it home for me. It's in great condition!

WIP crate

I went through my huge buckets of scraps I had accumulated and *gasp* actually threw a lot away, the ones I couldn't bear to get rid of were sorted by color and are in these buckets.

scraps & folded yardage

See - another pear! My sister in law gave me this one that I spray painted white, and now I use it to store my selvedges in.

wire pear w/ selvedges

I seriously LOVE my sewing room now. I know I'm super lucky to have a room all to myself that I don't have to share with anything else and that I can just close the door to at the end of the day. Right outside my door is the playroom and so the boys are always nearby and of course are allowed in my sewing room too. They both love fabric scraps - Mason dumping them out and color sorting them, Grahm throwing them up in the air and putting them on his head. My room also has a huge closet that spans the wall where I store all my wrapping paper and bows, packing supplies and boxes, scrapbooking supplies and other miscellaneous crafting stuff.

a Sunday project (before) - 16.365

And just to keep it real, and because it is kind of a "before" picture, here's a snap of my sewing room about a month ago. You can kind of see the arrangement of the furniture. This was right after the rush of making Christmas gifts and it had become a disaster area. Grahm wasn't allowed in there then because I was afraid I'd never find him again. ;] You can see I've since also painted the one wall turquoise and taken stuff down off the walls. It's SO cheery and happy in there now!


  1. Just when I was starting to feel bad about my sewing room I saw your "before" picture :)
    You're new room is absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. oh this is sooo lovely. Could you come design my craft room next. :)

  3. It's beautiful! Your fabric looks so appealing in your new storage, and I love the selvedge-filled pear! Adorable.

  4. Right now my studio is looking like your before picture - it is in need of a good organizing.

    I love your turquoise wall.

  5. It's beautiful! I took pictures of mine a few weeks ago, all neat and tidy and now it looks like your last photo there -- shhh!

  6. erin, your room is awesome! i love love love how bright and sunny it is.. and your organization is to die for! XO

  7. It's beautiful! My room layout is almost the exact same (closet, window, etc.) and now I know how to fix it up for sewing. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for not being too worried about your before picture to share. I feel so much better. :) By the way, where did you get those shelves your fabric is in?

  8. I love the turquoise wall, you should do the whole room that color. and *gasp* you threw scraps away?!?!?!?! You could have had a giveaway!

  9. love the DVD storage shelves turned to fabric shelves....where do you buy DVD shelving??

  10. Ha ha, thanks for keeping it real! That's what my sewing room looks like most of the time :-) I love your redo! DVD shelves are a GREAT idea!

  11. i love everything about it! when can i move in? ;)

    i know how it is when you get carried away organizing and folding fabric. i love when those moments hit! the finished product is so worth it.

  12. This post made me itch to get working and organzing all of my things! I did buy a table to sew on so I am on my way. Craziness that it took that long to fold everything, I am getting scared to do mine.

  13. I love it now! I can't wait to be in my own space. Right now I can't fit any more fabric on my shelves, and it's just stacking up on the floor. It looks like yours will be much easier to keep looking good now, with your fabric in shelving that contains its stacks so well.

  14. I'm so showing the last picture to my husband...he thinks I'm so messy!

  15. Wow! I just found your blog. I love your sewing room. Thanks for sharing; it is very inspiring. Mine is a gigantic mess and I just can't seem to "fix" it. I was wondering about your sewing table, I haven't been able to find exactly what I have been looking for. Could you tell me more about yours? It looks like it might work for me. Is it a desk or a sewing table? Did you have it made or where did you find it? I love how you made your fabric look so incredible too.

  16. I look was getting worried till I saw the "before" pic right at the end & now I feel better! Definitely the "now" pics are of a very, very pretty studio! Warm wishes from Dubai !

  17. This is very inspiring. It makes me want to give my room a makeover as well!



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