Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a Mug Rug week & no reply blogging

I love super quick & easy projects.  I always have lots of bigger projects going on but sometimes a fast one is just what I need to get reenergized and have that awesome feeling of sewing the last stitch of binding on something.

I have had this idea for a mug rug in my head for awhile now and this morning I got it out onto fabric.  Does it look familiar?  Grey background ... orange and blue squares .... no?  OK, maybe it's just me.  I should have done the background fabric a plain grey instead, maybe, to make it a more literal interpretation.

Mug rug

(If you don't get it, it's the Sewing Summit logo that inspired this layout/color scheme. I feel like I've been staring at that logo multiple times daily for the past 7 months.)

I had been having a hard time lately with bindings on some of my smaller items and so for this mug rug I tried a new-to-me technique found here at VeryKerryBerry. It worked awesome! It was weird to cut binding strips at a scant 1.25 inches, but it worked great! Although handsewing the 2 binding pieces together to join them made me realize that I really need a refresher course on handsewing and needles. My needle felt like it was too fat for the job I was doing, but I have no idea what the different #'s for needles mean.

dream on mug rug

I have had mug rugs on the brain a lot lately and am getting ready to do a series on them - Mug Rug Week! A lot of people get to my site through searches asking "what is a mug rug" and "size of mug rug" and "how to make a mug rug" which is funny - because all it is is a little mini quilt, right? But I figured we could cover some basics and have some tutorials to get you inspired to make a mug rug and even the chance to win one!

Speaking of winning, there's still a few more days to leave a comment on this post for a chance to win these pretty fabrics. I've had the best time reading through all your comments, getting to know you a little bit better, and hearing what you like to see on a blog.  Thanks for leaving such fun comments!  Oh, you should try to make sure that you're not a "no-reply blogger" (aka someone that doesn't have an email addressed associated with their profile) because I try to respond personally to every comment left and I can't do that if I can't email you!  If you need more info on if you're a "no-reply blogger" then read this excellent post that Jodi wrote.  She explains it well!



  1. so excited about mug rug week :) x

  2. Hmmmm I guess I was a 'no-reply' blogger! I thought my email address was there..but apparently I hadn't checked the box! (hopefully this works now..)

    :) Sarah

    PS. those mug rugs are awesome!

  3. Thanks for sharing the link regarding no-reply commenters. I was totally guilty without knowing, but that's remedied now. :)

  4. We had a mug rug swap at our local Modern guild last month, and I used the exact same tutorial. It worked great, but I must admit that I cheated and did join the ends by machine :)

  5. i've been meaning to make some mug rugs because i'm constantly putting my diet coke on my kids' coloring books or whatever is closest when i'm watching tv (and sewing hexies of coruse).

    do you want to join my scrap swap?
    it's the first time i've tried organizing something like that :)

  6. Erin! You are too stinking cute!!! I can't wait for mug rug week!! I need one of your adorable mug rugs!!!!!

  7. Mug rug week sounds awesome! I've been planning to make one for a blogger knitting friend, so this will be a perfect excuse.

    I just found out (last week) that I was a no-reply blogger and have fixed the problem!

  8. Wonderful composition in the mug rugs. I'm new to your blog,but I love the inspiration. I have too many ideas kicking around my noggin-- more than I have time to start.

  9. Hi Erin!
    Just thought I would share that I've been using "Made by Rae's" Cheater Binding method for a lot of my little projects like table runners and mug rugs.
    Here's her tutorial,

    Happy to see all these posts popping up :).

  10. Like you wanted to make a mug rug well wanting to actually have something finished that I started I just got stuck into the scrap box and made two, didn't take pictures as I gave them to a friend, but good fun, Thanks:)

  11. I am finishing a quilt for my DH and I will include a mug rug to match. It's his birthday Sunday.

  12. I do lots of charity quilts for church and we do not waste fabric. With the leftovers I could do mug rugs and sell them at the boutique as a fund rasier.



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