Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Buisness

- My friend Allison said the other day that reading blogs was bad for the bank account. Yes, yes it is! I loved these Metro Living circle fabric from the start, but after I started seeing them pop up in projects and on blogs I had to have them -- in every color! They're such a good basic, and in such bright, fun colors.  I spent all yesterday cleaning out and rearranging my sewing room, I think I'll get some good pictures when the light is better down there and do a little sewing room tour this week.

my favorite shelf

- Did you hear about the Bloggers Quilt Market Meetup? Some great local sewing bloggers Amy, Nanette & Calli are planning a get together the night of May 14th since so many sewists will be in town for Quilt Market. You don't have to go to Quilt Market to come to their fun meetup! I'll definitely be there.

- My best friend, Darci, interviewed me for her Sewists Interview Series. Some of you know that Darci and I have been friends for over 10 years, because our husbands were best friends in high school. We both married our husbands within a month of each other and so it was like built in best friends. I'm so lucky to have a friend that loves sewing and great fabric just like I do. She asked me about my sewing history and what I like to sew, it's a fun interview, go read it and let her know I sent ya ;]

- My friend Amy that I'm planning Sewing Summit with - well, she wrote a book!  A quilting book called Modern Basics.  She's doing a blog tour where lots of people reviewed her book and will be writing about it, as well as giving you a chance to win a copy.  It kicks off today at Piece N Quilt.

- And are you reading Delish Magazine yet? It's an online magazine that covers fashion, crafts, cooking, travel, among LOTS of other stuff. The editors describe it as:

"Delish is all about living this life — truly living it. Living it like you mean it.
Delish is also about traditional values in a modern mindset, and so in our pages you’ll read stories about very modern women who revel in pretty traditional activities like sewing, baking, canning and homemaking."

It is a beautiful, inspiring read and so beautifully laid out and edited. One of my favorites, for sure. Their winter issue had a gorgeous interview with fabric designer Anna Maria Horner.

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  1. oh I have to buy the blue the grey and the brown! Dang you! :) They look so pretty on that shelf.



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