Monday, February 28, 2011

A few hot sewing tips

I'm always on the lookout for ways to save money on sewing supplies ... the needles, scissors, blades, etc that we NEED to sew with, but aren't necessarily too much FUN to buy. A few weeks ago KarrieLyne had a great tip that the carpet cutter replacement blades you can buy for cheap at Harbor Freight fit into some of the sewing rotary cutters. It just so happens that there is a Harbor Freight pretty close to us and my Dad was generous enough to stop by there and buy me a few packs. (How convenient it's one of his favorite stores ;] ).

Tools - 58.365

On the left is the 2 pack from Harbor Freight, 2 blades for $1.49. On the right is the 5 pack from Joanns, 5 blades for $31.99. The blades seem the same and are virtually the exact same size - 45mm. You can see the Joanns blades have those 3 little notches in the center, but it doesn't seem to make a difference in my Olfa cutter that the cheaper blades don't have them. I can't wait to cut some serious fabric to see if they last as long as the more expensive ones do!

The other thing I found last week that I was super excited about were ..... quilting gloves in the dollar spot at Target! Ok, so technically they're "gardening gloves" but I've always used gloves with the grippy stuff on them for free motion quilting and have been looking for a new pair for a few months. Unfortunately, gardening stuff hasn't been in the stores until just recently and I just spotted these perfect ones at Target. These are perfect, tight fitting and the grippy stuff on the fingers and palms. And hello, one dollar!

gloves! - 53.365

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  1. those little indents on your original blade is so they fit the fiskar cutters, which over time destroy the bolt in the cutter, that is why I switched to blades are on the way, I ordered them last week.

  2. I am SO heading to Harbor Freight! That is a HOT deal.

  3. Since I'm new to all this quilting stuff I am so grateful for the advice! The next time my hubby heads to Harbor Freight those blades will be on his list of things to get.

  4. i have a quilt that needs to be done and i will be checking target for those gloves. i don't want the quilt sliding around while i am sewing!

    thanks for the tip!

  5. Those gloves look so cool. i'm dying for some now.

    Tip Junkie

  6. carpet blades?! brilliant!
    i was just cutting thru big stacks of fabric with my olfa cutter (just like yours) and thought hmmm i need a new blade!

    hey - wanna come join my fabric scrap swap? or let your readers know about it if ya want :)

  7. I so could have used those gloves yesterday, awesome tips - Thank you.

  8. Love the garden glove idea. I have these in my glove box but only thought of them as gardening tools.

  9. A friend just told me about the replacement lades at Harbor Freight. I'm sure hubby will be happy to pick some up for me. :)

    BTW, if you sign up to receive their emails, there is usually a 20% off a single item coupon.

  10. I'm new here... but wow - awesome tips! I also use gardening gloves to quilt, so I may need to pick up a few pairs since they're cheap.

  11. Love the blades :) Since I got such a fantastic response after KerrieLyne's blog I did another blog about all the other useful quilty things you can buy at HF and use for quilting. The gripper for the ruler and the telescoping magnets are two of my faves!

  12. What a great idea, thanks for the heads up. I'm heading to Target today I'll have to look for those cute gloves too.

  13. Awesome heads up on the blade replacements - $$$!

    Angie -



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