Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I'm Working On: pillows & pumpkins & aprons

Wow, what a great surprise!  Just got home from taking Mason to preschool to see an email from the awesomely awesome Heather that she featured me today on her blog {House} of A La Mode!  What a great way to start off an otherwise mundane day of laundry & mopping the floors.

Here's a couple things I've been working on, crafting-wise:

Remember the lemon + lime bridal shower I threw for my cousin a few months ago?  And remember the incredible cupcakes that my friend Annie made for me in exchange for some quilted pillows for her bed?  Well I FINALLY finished them for her!  I love how they turned out:

pillows for Annie

And the other day I realized since I'm constantly washing my hands, I'm constantly ending up with wet jean legs from drying my hands on my pants.  ;]  I found an easy fix in about 20 minutes with a fat quarter from my stash and some homemade bias tape.  No pockets, no fuss, super easy.

a new apron

There's lots of fq apron tutorials around the web, but the one I saw that sparked me into creating this was at Prudent Baby.

Also I'm trying to decorating a little bit for fall and Halloween around my house .... I made this cute pumpkin out of a scrap of vintage material and a little brown polka dot scrap.


Next up:  finish a few personal swaps I have going and finish the boys' Halloween costumes.

Thanks again Heather for featuring me!  ;]


  1. so creative! what a great post :o)

  2. I was really happy to see you featured on Heather's blog this morning! You really are a cool crafter, and I bet there are a lot of people out there who are going to love reading your blog!

    I love that apron! I need one of those to wear in the morning as I make lunches. Gross, but I tend to wipe my hands on my pants after they get covered in turkey juices or apple slicing splatters. It's genius.

  3. You always have the BEST fabric. So cute! The apron is very Betty Draper. I approve :)

  4. I love those pillows, they are adorable. Great idea with the apron. Never though of that, I too am always wiping my hands on my jeans.

  5. Here visiting from alamodes suggestion. Didn't know you ran quilting bee on flickr. Just joined my first bee thanks to the 'I want in' forum. Thanks!! Have a great day!

  6. Hopped over from Heather's blog - I love your apron and great photos

  7. Those pillows rock. I bet Annie loved them.
    I loved seeing all your stuff in one blog post - Heather's post. You are so talented Erin!

    Lets play soon.

  8. Wow Erin! Your quilting and photos (and apron) are stunning! If you ever want to do a guest DIY post for Prudent Baby, let us know. Maybe a mug rug or a beginner quilting project? Think about it!

  9. Mrs. Singleton, you are totally giving me dreams of having a sewing machine and false hopes that I could actually make it function. I love your pillows and apron!

  10. I LOVE the apron. I am quite the wipe-hands-on-jeans girl myself. embarassing!

  11. ohhh my goodness, you are sooo talented ! i love your work!

  12. The amount of cuteness that you produce is downright amazing for one person. I want it all!

    Do you have an Etsy store?

  13. Love, love love the apron (and prudent baby!) I am thinking of doing one of the dresses that they have.

    Anyway, you are super creative and I love all of your projects!



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