Monday, September 27, 2010

A trip to the Great Salt Lake

Saturday after Mason's soccer game we wanted to go on a little drive to let Grahm sleep in the car for a few minutes and somehow we ended up at the Great Salt Lake.  Seeing as we live pretty close to it you'd think that we'd drive past it or near it more often ... but we really don't.  It's kind of in an out of the way area that you only drive by if you're heading that way ... and I really never have had the need to drive to Tooele or take the loooonng way to California.

saltair running!

Mason didn't know what to think - if we were at the beach or some weird lake that had a huuugeee shoreline ... but he loved it. The ground is really cool there - since the lake has a much higher salt concentration than the ocean the sand is really sparkly and crusty with salt. It's like a giant salt lick!

squishy. long walk out to the water

We parked and decided to walk out to the water with no plans in mind .... we didn't have towels, different clothes, anything. At least I was smart enough to make Mason take his soccer shoes and socks off before we got too far out ... because before we knew it the rock hard concrete like salty sand turned into squishy soft quicksand. It was soooo cool because you'd sink up to your knees in about 10 seconds if you didn't keep moving.

great salt lake his own island

The water was really shallow so you could keep walking and walking out without it getting more than ankle or knee deep. Mason declared this his own personal little island!

walking so happy

Grahm had been in the stroller up until it got too muddy for that, and then Marc had been carrying him. Finally I just decided "whatever!" and we let him down into the sand. There wasn't one part of sand that was dry so it was a conscious decision to let him get really sandy and muddy and that we'd just have to deal with it -- actually Marc would have to deal with it since he would be carrying G back to the car.

G eating mud

Of course he LOVED it.  He did take one bite of it and decided that wasn't a great idea so at least we got the sand eating out of the way quickly and it was short lived.

This is one of my favorite pictures ... and reminds me of why I love so much to have all boys in my little family.  Dirty, smelly, mud-slinging boys!  All three of them happily digging away in the mud without caring about getting dirty or sandy or smelly or salty.  And they were all definitely getting dirty!

my 3 boys

Mason and Grahm loved it.  Mason kept asking why we had never been here before and if it was a new lake.  We tried to explain to him how it used to be a part of Lake Bonneville and actually was one of the oldest lakes in the world.  We told him that it was so salty that you could float in it really easily and of course he wanted to try that ... but didn't want to get his soccer shirt too wet, so he decided against it.

playing in the mud

Once it was time to go back to the car we were all soaking wet and sandy and salty and crusty and a little sunburnt ... but none of us really cared.  We squirted off as best as we could with the rest of the soccer water bottle and stripped the kids down to their underwear until we could get home.  Luckily it only took about 20 minutes to get home - taking the back way where there was no traffic!  It was so fun.

walking back

We will definitely be back!  There were people out there with picnic blankets and food and Frisbees and bikes and dogs.  Even though we weren't very prepared we were able to have a fun spur-of-the-moment time and it helped me realize that we didn't need to have everything perfectly planned out all the time!



  1. Looks fun! maybe we should do a playdate there before it gets to cold?

    Great pics!!


  2. Very cool! I'd always thought that it looked awful flying into SLC airport -- but the airlane must be over some industrial part.

    Last spring, we went to Mono Lake in the Eastern Sierra and the ranger explained that Mono is the sister lake to the GSL (though smaller) -- formed by the same processes. One on the eastern side of the Great Basin, one on the west.

  3. Cute pics!! I remember when we were little my mom would take us out there all the time! But haven't been out there lately!...might have to make a trip!!



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