Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mug Rug giveaway winner and an autumn update

Thanks to everyone that entered my spur of the moment giveaway for my cute little mug rug! I drew a winner and it's going to ..... Andrea of Knitty Bitties!

Now, I feel like kind of a dork sending it to her because HELLO, have you visited her site before? She is an amazing seamstress and crafter and Etsian and blogger. But - I can't go against the choosing of the Random Number Generator guy and so the cute Katie Jump Rope mug rug is all yours, Andrea! Email me your deets and I'll send it out to you this week!

G in the stroller Mase
M getting veggies Grahm

What else have we been doing? Just trying to get out and spend the last days of summer having fun before autumn is here and things get *really* busy. Mason starts Pre-K and soccer next week, and he's SO excited about both. Next week is also Marc and I's 10 year wedding anniversary .... how crazy is that? (It is to me!) We're going away for the night sans kiddos & I'm so giddy to get to have a nice meal and a nights sleep without all the nagging & whining & incessant question asking ("Mama, what does 'blended' mean?" "Mama, what does 'worrying' mean?" "Mama, how do you say 'nineteen' in Spanish again?") (Did I mention that I'm learning Spanish because Mason's learning Spanish?!)  (Well, I am.)

Birthday week wrap-up posts are in the works for this week ... and I've got some other *exciting* stuff that I am just dying to share .... you'll be the first to know, trust me!


  1. Hurray for me!!!
    This just made my day ;).
    You know how you have a list of 'want to' sew items? Well I don't get to them very often because of all the 'have to' sewing I have. I knew as soon as I saw Darcy's post on mug rugs that I MUST make one. You see I drink iced tea every. single. day all day. And I can not stand the wet rings, so I'm always searching for a coaster. And next to my computer I like to have my iced tea and a glass of water ... so how perfect is a mug rug?

    But now, I don't have to make it and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Katie Jump Rope line, so I'm glad you didn't throw my name back in the hat (so to speak)!

    Thanks so much & Happy Day!
    (Deets coming via e-mail :D)

  2. Love the pics. Where are you going for your anniversary?! ENJOY. You guys deserve it.




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