Thursday, September 30, 2010

More Mug Rugs and a collection

I am the type of sewist that always has tons of projects going at once.  Usually this works well for me but this weekend I really was in need of a "finish".  Just to be able to actually cross something off the never ending list of things to do and feel a little sense of accomplishment.  What is the easiest little thing to sew up super quick and get it done fast?  Definitely a Mug Rug!

(If you're going Mug-what?! I previously posted about Mug Rugs here and here)

grey mug rugs

I love these two made from some green and white Amy Butler scraps with some grey Kona.  I freehand quilted them in a grid -- um, do we call it "organically" to make it sound hipper? -- and I do like the way they turned out.  Hope the recipients like them as well!  Just need to bind them.

linen mug rugs

Two more -- a scrappy red, aqua and linen one with some diagonal quilting and also a pretty pastel-y one where I used some of my coveted Dream On charms!  I had already broken into one of my charm packs for a different project so I thought why stop now!  Someone I know surely needs a Dream On Mug Rug!  It looks so pretty with the linen, too.

I've got the binding all ready to go for these 4 and a few other Mug Rugs in the works as well.  I am in the Scrappy Mug Rug swap group on Flickr and it's getting close to the date to send a little handmade Mug Rug
off into the world to my secret swap partner.  I can't wait to see what Mug Rug I get in return.  It's so hard in these swaps because they always ask you to state your preferences and what you'd like to receive .... I seriously am loving SO many of the Mug Rugs that have been posted in the group already .... I have such varying tastes that I know I'll love whatever it is I receive.

my water cups

The swap can't come at a better time, too, since I'm desperately in need of a Mug Rug for every surface in my house -- it's been so hot here lately with our Indian Summer that I'm drinking water like crazy and my favorite tumblers from Target sweat little beady drops of condensation all over my pretty roll top desk and sewing machine table!


  1. Oh I love those Mug Rugs! I am going to make some for little Christmas gifts!

  2. oh ohhhhhh i hope i am one of the recipients!!!! :)



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