Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just a few cute pictures

On Saturday I had the chance to go to a photography workshop by Emilie of Photos by Emilie.  I think I take OK pictures but I have to admit I get lost in all the math and numbers and mumbo-jumbo about light and focal points and aperture.  I don't want to have to THINK when I get great pictures of my kids.  And really - who has time to sit and adjust settings when you're just trying to snap away and know that the pictures you're getting are going to be great?

So the next morning I took my boys out and got some great pictures of them .... and some of the stuff that Emilie taught me actually did STICK in my brain!  She has great little tips and tricks to help you remember the stuff that you do want to adjust, and it works. Here are two of my favorites: (helps that the subjects are pretty cute themselves!)



I'll write more about Emilies photo workshops in a different blog post - but I was just so excited to share these two.  AND I'm proud to say both of these pictures were taken on fully manual settings that I set ... not auto on these guys!

Also - I took these pictures in Butterfield canyon Sunday morning -- just a few hours before the crazy fire set the whole Herriman area ablaze!  This was the view from our upstairs window Sunday afternoon, and then again Sunday evening.  We were far enough away to not be in the danger of the fire - but the smoke was so thick outside we couldn't see our neighbors house across the street!  All Sunday night we had to have the ceiling fans on high and the exhausts on the stove and in the bathrooms going.  We had many friends that had to evacuate and my mom is friends with one of the few people that lost their home to the fire.  So sad! I'm glad that they're getting it under control finally.

earlier today

around 1130 pm


  1. Your boys are adorable. Great pics! I'm been trying to learn more too. I absolutely love taking pictures, but I agree it can be overwhelming when you know if you take too long you'll miss the shot with kids! Great job, can't wait to hear about your tips.

  2. I am SOOOO jealous you took a class! I need to do that, I have this fatty boombatty camera and I almost always use auto....I am too scared to miss something because of changing a setting. I will check out her site, but please let me know when the next workshop is!! I am so jealous and GREAT pictures!!!!!

  3. Oh, beautiful shots of your boys! I'm glad you did get something out of that class. It sounds great. I should seek out events like that.

  4. The pic of the fire...makes me sick for all those people! But cool pic anyways!! Crazy how close it was to you!!

  5. Oh my goodness! The boys are adorable. Mason looks so grown up. And those fires are way too close!

  6. I Love your boys they are going to be heart breakers :-) Those eyes!!



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