Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day of Mornings - through the crib rails

through the rails

Every once in awhile my best friend and I do a joint blog project where we both take, edit, and upload a picture within one hour of waking up. We have the rule that we don't use our iPhone cameras, and that neither of us look at the others pictures until our own is uploaded. Sometimes we do it for one day, sometimes every day for a week, and even once we did it every day for a month.

Today we did a Day of Mornings ... Grahm is such a sweet boy in the mornings - after we take Mason to preschool and it's just him and I he will happily play in his crib while I make the beds and clean up the upstairs without having to worry about him destroying it all again behind me. He just sits and talks to his blankets and toys and occasionally stands up to check out where I am. And then we can get dressed and go on with our day!

See Darci's Day of Mornings post here today - hands and feet!

Mornings Between Friends

And a cute mosaic of some of our previous morning pictures .... some of our best pictures have come from this fun exercise. We've been doing it for almost 2 years now! You can also see all of the pictures in one place in our Flickr group: Mornings Between Friends.


  1. I just love the mosaic!!!! It is so fun to see all of I together (well alot of it)

    Love you pic sooo much. All the colors are so fun. The girls room is m favorite place to take pictures too.

  2. Oh fun. I love it when you guys do this!

  3. What beautiful pictures...and beautiful memories!



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