Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to school for Mason: Pre-K

Ahhhh ... the first day of school ... Mason has been super excited to go back to school, even asking me a few months ago "Mom, am I ever going to be able to go to that school again where we did all the fun things and I got to play with my friends?!" ... I guess the laziness of summer just wasn't cutting it for him!

super excited to go

A new shirt, his same lucky backpack from last year and he was good to go.

first day of Pre-K

I am so glad that he gets to go to the same Preschool that he went to last year - a cute girl in our neighborhood that does it out of her basement with just the right balance of fun and structure - and Mason loves her! Plus some of the same kids are coming back and so he'll have some built in friends already. I am not a fan of those hugely academic preschools - but that's just me.

with Mrs Sarah

With Mrs Sarah on the last day of school last year ...

in the car

He is so smart and I know he's going to love this year ... he gets to go 3 days a week now instead of just 2 .... all to get him ready for next year which will be the Adventure of Kindergarten!

And just to remember, here he is on his first day of Preschool last year - what a cute little guy!


  1. Aww, he is so cute! He looks so excited! :)

  2. I just found your blog today through my friend Andrea's sewing blog. She blogged about winning the mug rug which I thought was such a great idea! I'm totally making some of those! But then I saw you're a mom of boys & even have one names Grahm. I have three boys and my youngest is named Graham! Not a name you hear everyday! :) I also see you read (or are reading?) Mockingjay. I recently blew through The Hunger Game books. What did you think of #3? I'm excited to look around and get to know you a little better :)



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