Wednesday, September 8, 2010

32 things to do before I'm 32


So my 31st birthday was in July and I've been working on this list of goals since about June ... I'm just now getting around to publishing it because I finally thought of 32 things that I am wanting to & are realistic to do.

Some are serious, some are funny, some are for Mason, some are simple, some are darn near impossible but what's a goal list without something to realllly stretch for?  Here's my 32 (and one to grow on) things I'm trying to accomplish before July 14th, 2011.

1. reupholster & refinish my blue side-of-the-road-find chair
2. go away with Marc somewhere for our 10 year wedding anniversary in September
3. make a quilt for our bed
4. grow my business
5. pull off something biiiigggg with a friend
6. eat healthier
7. read the Harry Potter books
8. blog the Encyclopedia of Me
9. clean out the master closet
10. be published
11. clean out/organize/repaint the laundry room
12. design & craft a Family Rules board
13. buy myself a new camera
14. finish Mason's quilt
15. mail some stuff that is long overdue
16. own a complete 1/2 yard set of Katie Jump Rope
17. make a good Dance Party playlist
18. make the book of Grahm's Weeklies
19. have a German Christmas
20. make Marc a quilt
21. feed the ducks in the park
22. blog more regularly
23. be a better friend
24. send my Thank You notes
25. finish watching seasons 2 and 3 of Veronica Mars - finished October 12th
26. read The Lost Encyclopedia
27. get a new cell phone - new iPhone 4 in September
28. bake cinnamon rolls from scratch
29. be halfway through a Project 365
30. decide on a color for Marc to paint our bed he built
31. host book club at my house
32. take more pictures with my regular camera
33. H.E.L.P. Marc, Mason & Grahm

p.s. Why the blue pictures in the mosaic up there?  No real reason, just thought they were pretty.  I'm not much of a Crayola blue girl but you have to admit that it's kinda gorgeous seeing them all together like that.  And that picture of the indoor swimming pool?  Hearst Castle ... only one of the most amazing and breathtaking places I've ever seen ... and yes it is really that blue in that room!


  1. Love the list. I need to get down and get a list. I'm already 32 so I'll need to work on something else....

    let's see.....

    thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Great list. Hope you get to do each item. xo

  3. I like reading your list! I know that you are going to pull off some of those! It's a great idea to set goals! I should set some for my next bd that's in two weeks, lol :)

  4. Great list!!!!! I might even be able to help with some!!!

  5. Love it! Sounds very doable! Oh, and I love Veronica Mars.

  6. Great idea, but not sure I'll copy... I'm 47 in a few weeks, and 48 is far too many things to think of, let alone achieve!!!

  7. What a great list!

    You know it's funny-- I turned 31 this year on July 13th. Are we really just a day apart? I might need to make a list myself!

  8. Very fun list!
    What fabrics do you still need for your Katie Jump Rope collection? I have a few ;).

    Also, here is my most loved cinnamon roll recipe that gives you ooey-gooey delicious cinnamon rolls ... none of those bland and dried out rolls :).

    I can give you my hints if you need 'em :).

    Happy Day!

  9. Such a great idea - it's so good to have goals! If you need a cinnamon bun recipe I can't recommend the one by Pioneer Woman enough. Holy cow they are good!

    It makes a LOT so you can share them with ALL of your friends. Sooo good. I might make some tonight.



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