Friday, August 13, 2010


The summer had been going great .... we were all settling down from the craziness that was June/early July ... enjoying summer with swimming lessons, playdates, baseball games ... until this week when everything came screeching to a halt because normally happy, energetic, smiley baby, as seen here:

smiley G

Turned into this:


He's a sicky sobby needy crying teething boy now, with a high fever but no other symptoms (luckily). He's been like this for five days now and we've got no signs of new teeth popping through any time soon - even though the Dr. swears that's all it is. Poor guy. I need him to go back to this:

hanging out.

so we can get back to swimming, playing, base-balling, etc. Plus he turns ONE next week and he can't be sick on his birthday!

That sicky carseat picture taken on the way home from the Doctors office so reminded me of one I took of Mason when he was about the same age, also sick, also on the way home from the Doctors office. I don't think my boys look anything like each other, but don't they both just look so incredibly depressed and sad when they're sick?!

sick. sick


  1. :( Poor babies.. I think M looks like daddy and G looks like mommy! ha ha They are both so adorable!

  2. Sad sickie pics. How is G tonight? Anymore teeth yet? Poor babe. And tiring for you MAMA! Hug. xo



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