Tuesday, August 24, 2010

(Not) Reading Mockingjay

I've been dying for this book to come out.  Unfortunately it came out on a week when I've got crazy deadlines to meet and a joint birthday party to plan and oh yeah, it's Marc's first week back to school, too, so things are EXTRA crazy around here.  Plus the boys have lingering coughs and stuffy noses and who knows what else so they're a little crabby.


Mockingjay is going to have to wait.  Despite me receiving it a day early (I ordered it Saturday evening, it shipped out and traveled on Sunday, and was on my doorstep Monday afternoon!) I'm not going to read it ... yet.  I even went so far as to lend it out to my friend so I wouldn't have it sitting in my house tempting me. ;]  Because I WOULD have started reading it.  And then I WOULDN'T have been able to put it down.  Two of my (adult, job-holding, responsible) friends are getting their copies and locking themselves into their houses and reading straight through in order to not be spoiled.

If you don't know why I'm so excited about this book -- you must go out and get Hunger Games and Catching Fire.  Mockingjay is the third in a trilogy and it's been anticipated for months!  Just search for #mockingjay on twitter to see how excited everyone is about this release (just be careful - you could stumble onto spoilers!)


  1. Oh, I forgot it came out today!!! YAY! I'll have to go get it now... even though I'm in the middle of another book that I already don't have time to read... Oh well, life is short! READ THE BOOK!!!

  2. I trust your judgement...you got me started in twilight!! :)

  3. I had about 30 people recommend this series to me, and when I finally read it? I had to drive to the bookstore the day after I finished the 1st book so I could buy the 2nd! I'm getting Mockingjay tomorrow - yay!

  4. I finished reading it last week.

    I will not spoil but, but make sure to tell me when you are finished so we can chat about it!



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