Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mug Rug: take 1

I am totally crediting my friend Amanda (mrsmcporkchop) for starting the Mug Rug craze that is spreading like wildfire all over Flickr and Twitter recently. She made these two adorable Mug Rugs recently that have since spawned tons of others making similar little rugs for their mugs (or bowls of soup, hot dip bowls, etc). Even a Flickr swap group popped up for swapping Mug Rugs.

85.365 mug rug #2

They Ryan came up with this awesome orange and blue one and I was hooked ... I needed one.

Mug Rug

This was my first attempt .... my favorite Katie Jump Rope fabrics in my favorite combination of blue and green. But .... I'm thinking it's a little too big.  It's 10x10" and while not huuuuugeee ... I really like the rectangleness of the couple pictured above.  Plus, if it's square, it's basically just a coaster, right?  ;]

huge mug rug

I came up with a solution but you're just going to have to wait and see ... ha ha ha! I am so close to finishing it, just needs binding, but my iron just crapped out on me and won't heat up or even have the on light come on. I'm so mad. I'm in a sewing mood today and I can't sew anything without an iron!

ETA:  I finished my mug rug!  Want to see how it ended up and maybe win the spare one for yourself?!


  1. Love it! I was just rude and wrote nots all over your photo of it in flickr. . . want to get the KJR on its way to you!

  2. So fun! Hadn't seen these before. Love yours.

    Glad you got a new iron. Sew on!

    Lets plan another sewing night. Let me know what night works for you.


  3. Such a funny idea, great, but funny. Can't wait to see your finished one.

  4. but the colors and fabrics are so yummy! can't wait to see what you did!



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