Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Will someone just pass this board for me?

I have been stuck on this ridiculously easy *looking* board for a week now. It's ONLY 3-15 and I know that it can't be THAT hard. Those stupid little green pigs are just messing with me, I know.


  1. lol oh no! I hate it when the simplest things are ridiculously hard. Good luck!

  2. hahaha it took me forever to get some of them! have you googled it? i found some help from facebook forums... but now i'm sad because i'm through with all the stages. :(

  3. *laughing* That one took me a while to do too. Those darned pigs with helmets suck! LOL

  4. Haha! I couldn't do it. I gave it to my boys and they passed it in a couple of hours. Now they're way ahead and have unlocked all kinds of crazy new birds with bombing capabilities.



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