Monday, July 12, 2010

What I'm Working On: quilts & frames & painting

Painting ... sanding ... sewing ... hanging ... I'm doing a bit of it all today.  Some of the things I've got in progress:

Finishing up and gifting my favorite baby gift -- The Snuggly Initial Blanket.  ;]  This one is for Finley ... a cute little baby girl that lives next door to me.

for a new baby

Sanding these cool chairs I found sitting all by their lonesome on the side of the road ... it's taking a LOT of elbow grease to sand off the old, chipping paint so I'm only doing it a little at a time.


A lamp we've had for years was begging to be painted turquoise .... and I like the splash of color it gives my living room.   I am NOT afraid of color!  ;]

new turquoise lamp

Sewing some more on the pillows that are for my friend Annie ...

pillow progress

The quickest quilt top EVER .... I grabbed random fabrics from my stash and cut varying widths of strips ... sewed them together alternating light and dark prints ... and added some simple borders.  LOVE how it is turning out ... can't wait to get it quilted.

quickest quilt top ever

And this one was all Mason's doing ... a few nights ago he said "Mom I need some more pictures in my room ... can we have a project tomorrow??".  (A project?!  A kid after my own heart!!) The next morning he sat with me at the computer and I showed him how to shuffle through pictures in Picasa ... he picked out the ones he wanted and we sent them to Walgreens for their 1 hour photo ... a trip to IKEA for some cheap-o frames and a little spray paint later ... he's got his "picture wall" hanging up right next to his bed where he wants it and "can look at it when I'm going to sleep".  (Love that he picked out a picture of him with Grahm!)


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  1. You are project lady! Awesome. Love Mason's project. What a great idea. I like the big pic over your mantle (?) I think.




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