Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekends Are Good For

Didn't take a lot of pictures this weekend, but that doesn't mean we didn't do a lot of fun stuff. Such as ...

Being the only ones at the splash pool:


Reliving your childhood through your son and buying "him" a rocket that shoots hundreds of feet up into the air before a parachute deploys and the rocket goes sailing all over the neighborhood causing you to have to hop fences in order to retrieve it.

setting up

he thinks its a REAL rocket

pushing the ignitor

Using our new homemade ice cream maker for the first time and making yummy banana-orange-lemon ice cream. So delicious. I can tell this is going to be an addictive new kitchen gadget!

Playing in the fountain by the library.

at the fountain

Going for walks and relaxing in the stroller.

watching the rocket


  1. Haahaa Rett bought one of those rockets last year! We had a blast with it!!

  2. Love the images, very creating processing. They turned out beautifully!

  3. I agree, very creative pictures! Homemade ice cream...awesome!

  4. Beautiful pics Erin! I nominated you for a blog ya go...



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